Michaeline: A First Kiss Fortune Teller

a paper fortune teller with eight outcomes for a first kiss: in a car, dance floor, under a desk, under the stars, sofa, under a tree, on a boat, in a library

First kiss fortune teller, created by E.M. Duskova for Eight Ladies Writing.

1. What is this?
2. The Questions to Ask and how to play.
3. Printing and folding instructions.

Feel free to skip to the section you want right now. You can read this in any order.

What is this?

Some of you may remember this paper sculpture game from elementary school. When we did it, we wrote the name of four boys on the outside (see the big red hearts), then numbers on the inside, and sometimes more boys on the inner triangle, or sometimes fortunes. We called it a fortune-teller, but you may have more luck googling it if you look for “cootie catcher”.

I made this particular version for Eight Ladies Writing, and it’s supposed to help you pick a lane for a plot point – where is the first kiss in your romance story? Once you know your main character’s name and the setting, a lot of things grow organically from those starting points. You can use the ideas here, or make up your own. I think a hand-written fortune teller is the most charming way to go, and allows for custom options, but a printed version occupies my stupid thinking brain and lets the Girls in the Basement go to work on their own. Be prepared to write after making one! Who knows what those Girls come up with while sifting through multiple possibilities. Continue reading