Kay: Golden Contests

For writers who want to get sincere feedback on their pages, contests are one option to hear from judges who won’t have any inhibitions about criticizing a friend’s work. In addition to any critique, finaling—and especially winning—a big contest can bring the attention of agents and editors, not to mention fame and fortune, to the author.

Three years ago, our own Jeanne Estridge won the Golden Heart, a contest for unpublished romance authors. It’s a big deal, with more than 1,500 entries. We were all there to whoop it up when her name was announced. (She’s finaled again this year, and we have our fingers crossed.)

However, not everyone is a romance writer, Continue reading

Kay: Enter Now to Win Fabulous Prizes!

the-wacky-writing-prompt-scavenger-huntI returned just three days ago from a month-long road trip. (Move over, Ken Kesey, you got nothin’ on me!) I had a great time, but all the while I was gone, I didn’t turn on the computer. I didn’t touch my manuscript. I made no progress whatsoever, and I didn’t think about my book at all. I don’t feel guilty about it, and now that I’m back, I don’t feel motivated, either. I’m still in fun mode.

So for this post, so I looked around and found an irresistible contest. Sponsored by The Write Practice, the “The Second Annual Wacky Writing Prompt Scavenger Hunt”  promises fun, games, and fabulous prizes, including a new Moleskine notebook, a red Swingline stapler, or a pair of rubber gloves.

To participate in the Wacky Writing Prompt Scavenger Hunt, all you have to do is write a story (preferably in 500 words or less) that includes all 10 of the selected prompts—and what prompts they are. Here you go: Continue reading