Justine: Setting Goals for National Writing Conferences

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I’m already thinking about what to do before RWA® Nationals.

So today, many of us romance writers will be registering for the 2015 RWA® Nationals conference being held in July in New York City. Even though it’s only February, it’s a good time to begin thinking about what I want to achieve before then and what steps I need to line up to make it happen.

The “steps” part of my plan will come next week, but first, I need to identify what I want to do.

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Jilly: An Introvert’s Plan for RWA14

An Introvert's Plan for RWA14Yesterday Michaeline introduced the concept of the Stay-Con, a time and cost-efficient, individually tailored one-person conference held at home or a convenient location of the writer’s choosing. I’m a fan of this idea for many reasons, not least of which is that it doesn’t require interaction with other people.

I’m not shy or anti-social, but I’m definitely an introvert according to the Jungian or Myers Briggs definition. I get my energy from ideas inside my head, in my own inner world. I enjoy the company of others, but I much prefer to know a few people well rather than a wide range of people casually. So it goes without saying that a conference made up of half-a-dozen friends (thank heavens) and more than two thousand complete strangers is not my natural milieu.

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