Nancy: Looking for a Summer Romance?

You usually see posts from me on Mondays, but today I’m stopping by the blog to invite you to a summer party! And even better than a normal party, this one includes romance authors and books and chances for prizes.

Coffee Time Romance has been an online gathering place for romance readers and writers for years. Each Saturday, they invite multiple authors to take over their Facebook fan page to talk about their recent romance books, answer fan questions, and give away prizes.

Today (June 22nd) from 9-10 PM eastern time, I’ll be on the Coffee Time Romance page discussing One Kiss from Ruin. This is the second book (but first full-length novel!) in the Harrow’s Finest Five series, aka Daniel’s and Emme’s love story. Check out my final post of the night to find out how to win a free copy of the book. (The contest remains open through Sunday, in case you have IRL plans for the evening).

I hope to see you there!

Nancy: Linkety-Links to Discounted Books (and Related Swag!)

All I Want for Christmas Part 2

Last week, I told you about my Christmas wish list, which consisted of – oddly enough – books. And then Justine posted this awesome writers’ wish list, so Santa has his work cut out for him this year! This week, for those of you who celebrate a gift-giving holiday and still need to build/add to you own wish list or determine what to buy for a special reader in you life, as well as anyone who just wants to give themselves the gift of more books to read, I have links! Follow the breadcrumbs to these online sites to¬† find low-cost, discounted, and sometimes even free! books (and at the end of the post, some fun book- and writing-related treats).

Amazon book deals link

Yes, I know, Amazon needs no help selling books or Any of the Things, at this or any other time of the year. But just in case you’ve been so busy you’ve missed it, I didn’t want you to miss out on their 12 Days of Deals, book-style. We’re already on day 5 (egads!), but there are still plenty of days left to snag some great low-cost books in any and all formats.

eBooks only links

This can be a great time of year to try new books and authors for a nominal or even no cost. Continue reading