Justine: Getting Perspective on a Series

eyeglasses and deskAs some of you may know, I’ve been on a hiatus for the last two years working as the PTA president for my kids’ school (Pro Writing Tip: If you want to make progress on your book, don’t volunteer for the prez position…or any other board position, for that matter). I’m grateful that I had a hand in getting their school up and running (it was just opening at the time), but now I’m learning to say “No.” A very valuable word if you want to make forward progress on any personal endeavor.

I will say that the hiatus from writing has allowed me to see my book, when I finally came back to it this fall, in a whole new light, and some advice from an editor I met on a writing cruise in October lent even more clarity…in particular to who my book was about, and indeed who and what the whole planned three-book series is about.

Background: My historical series had always intended to be about Continue reading

Nancy: Even Writers Get the Blues

Sad Writer

As we come to the end of 2013, some of the ladies now have finished first drafts of their WIPs from our McDaniel course. I was all set to join them. I had my schedule set – I was to finish writing the final scenes of the book on Saturday, December 28. I had my plan – each and every scene was planned out down to the beats. And I had momentum – each day that I sat down with my schedule and my planned scenes, I completed what I’d set out to accomplish.

Then at some point last week, I just stopped writing. To hell with the schedule and plan. My writing brain went on strike. After some days of disappointment and self-flagellation, I realized I’d forgotten to include a very important part of my own writing rhythm in my schedule. I had forgotten to include time to wallow in the end-of-first-draft blues. This is not to be confused with not knowing how to end the story, or fear of finishing Continue reading