Elizabeth: Back to Basics – The Characters

Stories Yet To Be WrittenAs I mentioned in last week’s Back-to-Basics post, I’ve been hanging out with some potential new stories while working on revisions to The Traitor. The stories are shiny and new and, just as Justine mentioned in her post yesterday, working on them provides a nice change of pace as well as a creativity boost.

One of these stories, a contemporary romance tentatively titled Second Chances, is really shaping up. The random ideas I’ve captured so far have translated into a fairly complete story outline. The first two acts are pretty solid, I got a strong idea for the third act yesterday, and I know how it all ends.

Before I get to the stage of putting words down on the (draft) page though, there are a few more things I need to figure out. Unlike The Traitor, where I just started writing and hoped I would figure everything out by the end of the story, I want to have a stronger foundation in place this time around.

This week my focus is on: Character Continue reading

Elizabeth: C is for Character

© 2014 Scholastic Inc

© 2014 Scholastic Inc

This year’s RWA conference included a workshop on writing great characters by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  I attended her workshop at last year’s conference and really enjoyed it, especially the hands-on exercises.  This year’s workshop featured two exercises that were aimed at helping us delineate character with description, rather than just telling the reader about the character. They were fun so I thought I’d share them here. Continue reading