Michaeline: Time Crunch

A hot air balloon with a clock face over Paris.

As Groucho Marx never said, “Time flies like a balloon . . . and fruit flies like a banana.” (Why yes, time is kicking my ass. That’s why I’m indulging in really torturous humor. Distracting myself from the pain, so to speak, or inflicting it on the unsuspecting blog-reader.) (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

I was driving to Sapporo a couple of weeks ago and listened to the SF Squeecast Episode 37 for I think the third time. The Squeecast is a great series of podcasts where SF professionals talk about what’s making them happy in the world of SF, and also about general writing. I particularly recommend this episode for the time-crunched. Maybe you can listen to it while clearing a space for writing in your office (-:.

Elizabeth Bear, Paul Cornell, Lynne M. Thomas, Catherynne M. Valente and guest Amal El-Mohtar talk about the importance of routines, and about juggling not only the different roles we play as writing human beings, but also juggling different writing tasks. There’s a wonderful metaphor Continue reading