Michaeline: What Would You Do If You Won the Viral Lottery

A brussels griffon dog that looks like a Wookiee from Star Wars

GWAAROH-HA-HA-HA! Chewbacca dog. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

This week, I stumbled upon the Happy Chewbacca Mom, and got all the levels of happy from it. I originally saw it on Schmoyoho’s channel. And can I digress to tell you how happy that made me? They are political satirists who “autotune the news”, and I loved them during the last election cycle. But they slowed down on posting the videos, and I lost contact with them until they suddenly showed up on my YouTube recommendations again. They are back in business! So, if you like the idea of Hamilton, the Musical, you may enjoy some Schmoyoho, too.

But, back to Chewbacca Mom: here’s Schmoyoho’s video clip, “HAPPY CHEWBACCA MASK — Songify This” . Hilarious! But if you haven’t the time, patience or the broadband for the video, here’s what happens: Candace Payne, a mom from Dallas, picks up a Wookiee mask from Kohl’s and tries it on in the car while waiting for her kids. And it’s the funniest darn thing she’s ever seen! You know how people talk about joy being infectious? Well, the vector is sight and sound; it comes over loud and clear on the internet.

If you want to see the original, here’s a link to National Public Radio. Continue reading