Michille: Blog Steal – 9 Story Openings to Avoid

keepeducating600And for this week’s blog post steal, I’m borrowing from Kristin Nelson and Angie Hodapp. They started a series in June of 2016 about 9 Story Openings to Avoid. The first one is the traditional sittin’ and thinkin’. As opposed to the opening of Julia Quinn’s Brighter Than the Sun which starts with this: “Eleanor Lyndon was minding her own business when Charles Wycombe, Earl of Billington, fell – quite literally – into her life.” Continue reading

Michaeline: Happy Blog-iversary!

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A toast to all the Eight Ladies Writing readers and writers! Thanks for making this blog great!
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I just noticed that Eight Ladies Writing blog has entered its third year of blogging. Many of us have posted more than 100 entries here, and if the average entry is 700 words, that’s more than 70,000 words. In short, a slim novel. It’s definitely an inspiring lesson in the value of doing a little bit at a time.

Our blog came out of the marketing course of our McDaniel class on romance writing. We’d heard that many publishers like an author to have an internet presence, and it seemed like a blog with the work shared out between many would be less work and more impact than nine solitary blogs.

At least, that was the theory. I think more than that, though, we wanted a way to keep in touch with each other, and I know I thought of weekly blogging as a way to keep in touch with my writing goals. I have a tendency to do something for a while then wander away from it unfinished.

We haven’t really tested the marketing power of the blog yet (although there are many Ladies who are very, very close to that big break!), but as far as keeping in touch, I think the blog has been a big success.

Added bonuses: we’ve got commenters who add so much to the discussion. And I’ve learned a lot more about finding images than I knew two and a half years ago!

I can’t wait to see what the next year of blogging brings us. I hope the other Ladies’ share what they’ve gained from the blog in the comments section, and of course, if you’ve got fond memories or advice for improvements, I’d love to see that too.

In the meantime, break out the cyber-champagne, and let’s toast ourselves on two years of blog-building!

Michaeline: A Blog for Writers

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Writing a blog can be an informative and generous way to share your experiences as a writer.


There are two things a writer could learn from Patricia Wrede’s writing blog, Wrede on Writing: one is how to write a novel. The second is how to write a writing blog. Continue reading