Justine: 20 Questions with Author Jilly Wood (Part 2)

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! It’s back to work for me…I’ve finally completed my first draft (minus a scene or two) and it’s now in dire need of revision, but before I do that, I’d like to share the second half of my interview with author Jilly Wood, whose newly published short story appears in Stories for Homes.

You can catch the first ten questions from my interview here. So, without any further ado…. Continue reading

Justine: 20 Questions with Author Jilly Wood (Part 1)

jilly wood, stories for homes

Author Jilly Wood

How timely is it that I asked Jilly Wood, one of our Eight Ladies, if I could interview her about her current WIP, her writing, and her life? Jilly is newly published in the anthology Stories for Homes, available on Amazon and other outlets. She wrote about her experience with Stories in her post this past Sunday. Today, she’ll tackle the first ten of my 20 tough (haha) questions. Continue reading