Michaeline: Welcome to the Equinox!

A gardener from the 17th century carries a potted tree out to the garden. In the background, more gardeners are hoeing and preparing beds and perhaps mazes for the coming summer.
Whether you are in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere, it’s time to change gears and get ready for the coming seasons. Spring! David Teniers the Younger via Wikimedia Commons. Copyright © The National Gallery, London

It’s a season of change, and here winter and spring are still fighting the March battle for dominance. The days are springlike, but the nights are clear and frigid. Tomorrow, we’ll get both snow and rain, if the weather report is right. Blow, winds, blow, and bring in the new.

I’ve had a lousy year so far for . . . well, just about everything. But this week was a good one. I did some spring cleaning, I planted most of the bulbs I should have planted last autumn, and I did some writing. If I read a book tomorrow during the inclement weather, it’ll have been a very good week indeed.

Hope your week is going well, too, and the changing energy recharges your batteries and gives you a nice chance for a reset!