Michille: Adverbs and Other Writing ‘Mistakes”

adverbsElizabeth’s post about Nancy Drew earlier this month brought up some reasons for the success of that series. It brought to mind one of the things that pops into my head whenever I see the blanket advice that adverbs are bad – cut them. The ghost writers for the Nancy Drew series used adverbs heavily – Nancy and Ned and Bess and George did everything somehow-ly. When I write my first draft, I also use a lot of adverbs. In editing, I type ly in the find box and try to strengthen the verb that is qualified by the adverb. Sometimes I can and sometimes I like the way I wrote it in the first place. Continue reading

Michille: Passive versus Active

EditingFaceMy MLA project was essentially approved by Pam Regis, my advisor, because it met the criteria we’d established. It includes a synopsis, reflection, and a set of representative scenes that update Sophocles’ Antigone to contemporary society and aligns four story structures into one. I have not submitted the final yet because my usual first draft errors are still on the page. I know I write a lot of passive sentences and overuse *ly adverbs, but I don’t let that stop me from getting words on the page. It’s easy enough to fix, right? Wrong – at least for me it’s not easy. I found this blog post about editing, which has a general plan of attack, starting with quantifying the problem. Continue reading