Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – Holiday Party Edition

Glasses of champagneHoliday party season – do you love it or dread it?

I’m off to my first party of the season tomorrow.  The invitation promised good food, festive beverages, and fun entertainment.   Hopefully it won’t also include those stereotypical holiday party attendees like “the drunken co-worker” or “the inappropriate touch-er”.

Books and movies sometimes use holiday parties as a way to force characters to interact or to put them in situations that up the story conflict, but I’m hoping tomorrow’s party is a little more low-key than that.

Anyway, while I’m waiting for my bright-red toenail polish to dry, I think a little bit of Random Word Improv will be just the thing to put me in a festive state of mine.

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Michaeline: Names from a Candy Shop

Gentleman offering two ladies in evening gowns some biscuits. Circa 1900, very gorgeous and rich. And delicious!

Champ Lefevre offered the lovely ladies his special hypnotic biscuits to go with their champagne. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Ah, the season of sugarplums (whatever those really are, LOL)! I dreamt I went to the local import shop, and dropped about $40 (US) on candy, and called it “research” for this blog. And one by one, characters began to pop up in my head.

Droog Bewaren laboriously picked and pitoned his way up to my dream plateau. My fantasy hero was dressed in furs, and his blonde beard was frosty from his breath. He told me a woeful story of growing up in the swamps of Gervuld, but then he received The Call to come to my cool, crisp plateau high in the mountains of his country. He managed to convey all that in about 10 words; Droog isn’t really a talker. He mostly brooded gloomily until . . . . Continue reading