Elizabeth: I’m Listening

On my evening walk today, I started listening to a new audiobook that finally appeared in my queue from the local library.  I’m not a great fan of audiobooks, but since they are often more readily available at the library than eBooks are, I’ve started to increase my listening.  It’s also much easier to listen to a book while walking than to attempt to read one.

Safer too.

Today’s book is the first book I’ve listened to that is narrated by a female.  My 40-minute walk got me somewhere in the midst of chapter 2 and I’m not completely certain whether we will make it to the end together or not, both because of the narrator’s voice and because everything so far has felt very prologue-ish.

Not that I don’t love a good prologue, but when even I start thinking “when is this story going to start?” there may be a problem.  The book was highly recommended, so I’m soldiering on, but I may wind up switching to the eBook version to finish the story.

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Elizabeth: I Heard That

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a latecomer when it comes to the whole audiobook thing.  Until about a year-and-a-half ago, I hadn’t listened to a single one.  In general, I find the world to be both too bright and too loud, so listening to a book instead of reading it never held much appeal.

I have no fond childhood memories about being read stories at bedtime or during classroom circle time, though both probably happened.  Frankly, the only “read aloud” memory I do have is when we had to read aloud in first-grade and our teacher taped us on one of those clunky old-fashioned tape recorders and then played it back and made us listen to it.  It was apparently supposed to make us better readers.  I was already a good reader, so I doubt that it helped, but what I do know is that I was so traumatized by hearing my own voice that I barely talked in school for a year.

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Justine: A Bit About Audiobooks, for Authors

Microphone in recording studioWell, another RWA conference down and lots of great stuff learned. It seemed that this year, many folks were focused on audio books (myself included). The platform has seen double-digit growth over the last seven years and some authors, like my critique partner Jenn Windrow, say that they’re seeing higher royalties with audiobooks than with their KDP page reads/book sales.

Many people may wonder whether they need to hire a professional narrator/sound company to do an audiobook, and my answer (based on my active listening experience…I’m an audiophile) is Continue reading