Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprint

I can’t believe that I almost forgot it was Friday–it has been so busy this week that I’ve lost track of time.  Fortunately I’ve got a reminder in my phone for Saturday, so I won’t accidentally think it is a work day and login to the office.

Things may have been busy here, but they have been heartbreaking for the folks in the path of the recent hurricanes.  Looking at the devastation of houses leveled, vehicles tossed every which way, and high flood waters, I can’t imagine what it must be like for anyone living through that, even for folks that were prepared and have gone through things like this before.

Thankfully, the biggest problem here at the Writing Castle is keeping the floors clean with a puppy around that likes to dig in the mud and stand in her own water dish–my mop is definitely getting a workout.  While the floors are drying and the puppy is napping, I’m going give today’s writing prompt and random words a workout of their own.

Care to join me?

For those of you working away on a story (whether a first draft or a polished version on its way to publication), if you’re not feeling random, we’d love to hear a bit – whether it’s a scene, a paragraph, or even a phrase that you are especially pleased with and would like to share.

If you don’t have a story in progress, or just want to work on something new, I hope either today’s random words or writing prompt will catch your creative fancy.


Prompt:  Dealing with the aftermath?

Feel free to interpret the prompt any way you choose (or ignore it completely) and include any (or all) of the following random words:   

spirit               buried            debris       monkey

filth                 attic               afraid        sponge

harvest           bump             stone         emerge

collapsing       vulture           colors        rainfall

I look forward to seeing your stories in the comments.  If you’re not feeling in the writing mood today, or don’t have time, feel free to post suggestions you might have for future writing prompts.  Ideas are always welcome.

Happy writing to all!

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