Michaeline: A Christmas Dream

Image via Wikimedia Commons

As I lay by the fire reading,

Eartha Kitt on my cell-phone singing

Of Christmas treasures Santa’d be bringing,

An orange tomcat on my lap kneading,

I let my eyes close.

Before my eyes was a gorgeous man,

Tall and handsome, wide of chest,

Firelight highlighting his golden breast.

I had to use my book as a fan

As he struck a pose.

At that moment my brain stuttered.

I let my fingers trail along that man so fine.

My fingertips took on a scented shine.

I realized that man was buttered.

Oh, my spirits rose!

As for the rest of my Christmas dream,

You’ll have to imagine it, dear pervs.

Them’s as dreams it, it deserves.

May 2022 be a sparkling stream

Of delightful prose.

4 thoughts on “Michaeline: A Christmas Dream

    • Thanks, Jeanne! We kind of slid right by Christmas this year. We won’t open gifts until my daughter gets home on the 27th (her winter break started Friday, I think), and all we really did was a nice fish soup (not Seven Fishes, but still quite nice) and a Christmas cake on Christmas Day (with leftover fish soup — even better the second day!). So, I needed a little boost of fantasy!

      Wishing you and all the Eight Ladies a lovely Christmastide!

  1. What a delicious Christmas treat! Maybe you know that in the UK, a person who’s hot and very fanciable in a kind of cheerful, not-at-all-serious, enthusiastic way can be described as ‘crumpet.’ So I’m thinking of your guy as hot, buttered Christmas crumpet 🙂 Mmmmm.

    Enjoy your daughter’s visit and your extended Christmas!

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