Michaeline: Saturday, Caturday

Sorry, my writing news is very boring, but the cat news continues to be quite exciting! We saw Millie’s kittens this week!

For regulars of the blog, you may remember that Mama Tabitha (aka Tabby Kate) had four kittens in Auntie Milk’s bathroom on April 16. Three tabbies, one black kitty. Don’t ask me about the sex of any of them; I can’t tell until puberty.

Mama Tabitha had three kittens in 2020 – Large Lars, Medium Millie and Chibi Momoko.

Mama Tabitha next to the screen, Daughter Chibi next to the reed curtain on the porch. In the window is a wind chime greeting card ringing gently in the wind. (E.M. Duskova)

Chibi suddenly got skinny in May, and then showed up at Auntie Milk’s house next door with one baby, an adorable striped thing on May 25. They took up residence in the upstairs landing. The kitten was quite stable on its feet and its eyes were open, so I’m guessing it was about one week old. (Mama Tabitha’s babies also opened their eyes early.)

I kept notes on Millie. She disappeared June first, and then showed up the next day very svelte. But we hadn’t seen her babies . . . the big question for six weeks was: Where are the babies?

They were spotted by Auntie Milk and my mother-in-law on Tuesday, and are living under Auntie Milk’s porch. There are two black ones and two striped ones.

Millie’s babies play with Uncle Lar’s tail and with Aunt Chibi. (E.M. Duskova)

So, for anyone who wants me to do the math, that’s three mamas, nine kittens, two toms and Lady Black (the old lady of the bunch) hanging around our two porches, or a total of 15 mouths to feed.

And that doesn’t count the New House Cats! Charli, Kana and Yuta oscillate between hissing (but no bloodshed!) fits and peaceful couch lounging. I made dill pickles yesterday, and brought them the firework-like stems to enjoy . . . which they did.

Charli does interpretive dance with a dill stem. (E.M. Duskova)

So, enjoy the cats! Visit my YouTube channel if two videos isn’t enough for a Saturday. We’re producing cuteness by the bushel here on the Duskova farm, so come on over for your share. E.M. Duskova – YouTube

Happy Summer Caturday!

2 thoughts on “Michaeline: Saturday, Caturday

    • LOL, a plus in my book! It wouldn’t be so bad if they (the mice) chose a bag and ate the whole thing, but they seem to think the pantry is a smorgasbord. I have things in plastic containers these days, but nothing like having two or three dozen cats around the house for entertainment value!

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