Kay: Good News!

I complain so often and so regularly about the problems I have with writing or publishing or marketing (or even finding topics to blog about) that when I fretted to a friend today about what I could talk about, she said, tell people that your book came out.

And I said, nobody cares about that, and she said, if they care about your complaining, why wouldn’t they care about your successes?

So that’s my news for this week: Ms. Matched came out, seventeen years after I first put pen to paper. It’s been three long revision passes, a 25 percent word reduction, and about six title changes, but finally this story has been taken out from under the bed, dusted off, and sent out into the world. I’m happy for her. She’s a cute little thing. And my critique partner Patricia said that I’d created a new genre, too! One that has no antagonist and no conflict of any kind. And she had to worry about something, so she worried about the gold fish. (Spoiler alert: the gold fish is fine.)

So that’s it for me today. Ms. Matched is flexing her muscle in the marketplace. While I am here, working on the revisions for the next book. And complaining about it, of course. What about you?

15 thoughts on “Kay: Good News!

  1. Congratulations! And you’re so right – it IS cute!

    Your point is a good one, too, as so often we’re so in the weeds and sweating over it, we forget to lift our heads and celebrate. That’s not just authors, but everyone! So this is a great reminder.

    • Thanks, Sara! It was a good reminder for me, too. What makes me think complaining is more interesting than celebrating? I’m sure there’s a Tolstoy lesson in there somewhere…

  2. Congratulations! It looks great! A cute, stress-free romp sounds like the perfect pick-me-up. Just what I need. Off to buy my copy now 😀

    PS SO relieved to learn that the goldfish will be okay!

    • Thank you, Jilly! I’m a little worried that the white type on the yellow background isn’t contrasting enough, but for the moment, I’m letting it go. I’m just overall so pleased with how my cover designer is going with these vibrant background colors on all the books. When you see them in a row, they really make me smile.

      Let me know if you EVER worried about the goldfish, okay? 🙂

  3. Oh congratulations! Of course I immediately read a post titled Good News, and of course I immediately went and bought the book billed as having no antagonist and no conflict. Yay!

    Also earned 20 “points” in the new Amazon Summer reading promotion from the purchase. Does anyone else have this? It seems to be some kind of beta thing. It looks a bit odd. Wish I had known last week about this promotion. I bought a hard back copy of Victoria Goddard’s Hands of the Emperor, which will doubtless be the most expensive book I buy this year, hands down (ha!).

    • I haven’t seen anything about the reading promotion (maybe it’s US only), but I would love to know what you think of Hands of the Emperor. I really enjoyed The Tower at the Edge of the World.

      • Well, I like Hands of the Emperor so well that I bought the $40 900-page hardcover after reading the $7 Kindle version. I think Victoria Goddard is freaking brilliant. But I wouldn’t recommend Hands of the Emperor until you’re already fully immersed in her world, and even then only if you’re in the mood for something almost poetic that veeerrry slowly unfolds into a beautiful scenic vision of humanity and existence told through the lens of mythopoeic fiction.

        I recommend starting with Stargazy Pie, the first book in the Greenwing and Dart series, which is so different in pace and style that the versatility of the author is breathtaking. Even then, I would only read that if you were committed to reading at least a few of the Greenwing and Dart books. This author takes a LOT of risks. Stargazy Pie comes across as a little unfocused. I didn’t grasp how much that was an intentional choice by the author until I was a few books in. It is a first person novel and the main character is a bit muddled at the beginning- which Goddard has him point out himself. I just didn’t immediately realize how committed she was to her first person perspective.

        Everything in the books is significant. EVERYTHING. A random scent, a passing stranger, it all ties in somewhere in the larger world. Each book can be read just fine as a simple tale, but is so much more.

        Elizabeth, if you’re reading this comment, I think you might like the Greenwing and Dart series as well. It has that cozy mystery feeling to it, set in an almost Regency-type fantasy world.

        Stargazy Pie is available for free on Kindle, included in the Sword and Magic: Eight Fantasy Novels anthology.

        • Gah! Sorry, Kay, I just posted a simple link for Jilly’s sake, I had no intention of having a gigantic ad for another book pop up on your book release post!! The way links decide on their own now how they are going to appear makes me insane.

    • Thank you, Daisy! Let me know if your interest stayed engaged even without the conflict and antagonist, okay? I like the story overall, but sometimes I wonder if that’s not because it was the first thing I wrote. 🙂

      I sort of vaguely recall seeing something about the Amazon Summer reading program, but I couldn’t tell you what it is or what the points are for. Let’s hope you can redeem them for purchases, and not just an email on Sept. 1 saying, “Congratulations! You got the most points!”

      • I can’t wait to read it and will definitely let you know! I’ll probably get to it next week. Busy today, then tomorrow spending the day at the Bristol Renaissance Faire- you know the one, at the WI/IL border.

  4. That’s wonderful, Kay! A book with no antagonist and no conflict sounds just perfect about now. The book is waiting for me on my Kindle right now.

    Also, thanks for the reminder that the path to getting a book published and available can take many twists, turns, and years, but if you keep at it, it will happen. Congratulations again on your book birthday!

    So, what’s next?

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! Yes, it’s been a long time for this one. I have two more that deserve a second look. One of them I’m fussing with now. The other, alas, might not be salvageable. We shall see.

      Currently I’m fretting (see? Complaining again!) over the revisions to the second book in the Endless Phoebe Trilogy. That should be ready soonish. And by soonish, I mean before Christmas. 🙂

  5. I am excited! As soon as I get Cromwell dead and in his grave (Hilary Mantel, The Mirror & the Light), I’m buyiung and reading your book! I need something chatty without a horrible king in it.

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