Michaeline: Pure indulgence

I’m having a very indulgent week. I made strawberry jam near the beginning of it, and every day since, I’ve had a big slice of buttered toast smeared with jam to go with my breakfast (brunch? lunch?) every day since. I feel so decadent!

Then, the day I had to go to the dentist, I spoiled myself rotten with shopping therapy, even though it was just a final fitting for my mouthguard (no drilling, no scraping, or digging, or prodding – I don’t know why I thought I needed to reward myself). Not one, not two, but three little boxes of plants and flowers from three different shops. I was proud of myself for avoiding shops four and five.

Left box: morning glories, blooming nemophila, blooming white snapdragons, green and white geranium leaves. Middle box: blooming Moody Blues 30 cm. tall phlox, blooming cotton candy pink petunias, button mums and a rose geranium. Right box: tall blooming hot pink snapdragons, shorter blooming light pink snap dragons. All in the trunk of a Toyota Aqua.
Trunk of flowers. Want to know the details? Ask in the comments. E.M. Duskova

And at the last stop of the day, I got ice cream. Loads of ice cream, not just for me but for the whole family. Spoiling myself is great, but spoiling others is also a simple pleasure and indulgence.

Visible: box of chocolate-covered ice creams on a a stick; two pints of Lady Borden ice cream (1 chocolate, 1 vanilla), three double packages of Papiko brand chocolate mini-smoothies, five packages of chocolate ice cream "berries" and two packages of pear ice sherbet "berries". Japanese ice cream.
A basket full of ice cream. I’ll take any questions in the comments below, but I do want to point out, there are five adults in the family, and I intend this to last two weeks. (Although, two adults in the family have no qualms about indulging in ice cream, so good intentions may be lost along the way.) E.M. Duskova

I’ve been sleeping when I want, and doing extra meditation and also the kind of meditation where you just lie in bed and look at the backs of your eyelids and dream about future projects.

Stretched-out short-haired tabby cats (three of them). They are on a mat on the porch, and in the shade of a reed curtain. All are sleeping.
Oh, the lazy days of summer! From left: Mama Tabitha, oh . . . geez. to be honest, I’m not sure who is who. Could be Lars. Can’t see the collar. The other two are Tabitha’s daughters, Chibi and Millie. (E.M. Duskova)

And there are the cats. It seemed like I spent half my waking hours hanging out of the sliding doors, feeding and petting the farm cats, or being cat furniture to the house kitties. I even visited the kittens at Auntie Milk’s house next door – Mama Tabitha and Chibi are letting Auntie Milk babysit while they rest in the shade at our house. Millie (formerly Middy, formerly Medium) had her kittens around June 1, but hasn’t revealed them yet. She’s so hungry and has become so friendly in exchange for food, though, that I’m sure she’s breastfeeding generously.

So, I’m going to have to ask you to indulge me . . . instead of writing a real blog post about writing (I’m not getting much done this year, to tell the truth), I will tell you about my lazy first week of summer, and then go read a book with some sparkling lemonade. It’s the last in the Wolf Hall series, and is such a big fat book that accomplishes some really neat things. A real indulgence.

This paperback is 5 1/2 cm. thick. On top of a messy coffee table with Japanese magazines and advertisements.
My sweet, sweet reward for putting all these captions in! Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror & the Light. I really enjoyed Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies. Going to finish this up before the end of June, I hope. One of the few indulgences this week directly related to the art of writing. (E.M. Duskova)

I’d like to say that starting Monday, I’m going to knuckle down and plan and plot and schedule. But . . . I’d probably be better off treating writing as an indulgence . . . a daily treat of putting novel words down on fresh pages, a time to think, and some time spent each day feeding the body and soul with good things that will make me a better writer.

Have you scheduled in any treats for yourself this summer? What are they?

6 thoughts on “Michaeline: Pure indulgence

    • So glad you asked, Jeanne! Box on the left has four Heavenly Blue morning glories and two pink ones. There’s baby blue eyes (nemophila), two white snapdroagons and a geranium with great foliage! (Flowers are supposed to be red, but I think they might be the orange-y red that I don’t much care for.)

      Middle box is from a home improvement store. From back: button mums. A rose geranium that I think is hidden in the pink petunias, and the big score, Moody Blues Phlox. I love phlox, and I hope this self-seeds. It seems easy to collect the seeds.

      The box on the right has two kinds of snapdragons. I fell for the colors.

      I’ll have to rip the flowers off and loosen the root balls, I’m sure, but maybe they’ll be recovered by the middle of July and puytting on a show.

  1. Your indulgent week sounds wonderful, Michaeline, and those flowers are beautiful. I have been indulging with flowers as well, including cut flowers for the house.

    As for treating writing like an indulgence, that sounds like a great idea. I’m looking forward to hearing how that goes (and maybe seeing some new short stories).

    • To tell the truth, I’m a bit guilt-wracked. I’m not sure why I need all this self-pampering, but I hope it’ll pay off in the weeks to come. At least I’ll have a colorful garden! I would love to see some of your flowers! If you want, stick them in at the end of the post, caption them with your name and details, and comment so I know to come back and look. (-:.

  2. Just today I was talking with a friend about planning some low-key excursions/day trips from now to the end of the year, although I also love hanging around on the sofa. Whatever floats your boat! Your ice cream/flowers/cats indulgences are wonderful ways to start the summer.

    • I’m normally an introvert and a homebody, but as soon as my vaccination period is up and I’m safe, I really want to take a few day trips. I haven’t been to the hot springs in almost two years! My Japanese friends think it’s safe enough (lots of soap involved, and no clusters traced to hot springs or bathhouses that they’ve heard of).

      Your area is just chock-full of daytrips, too!

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