Michille: Some (Hopefully) Post Pandemic Humor

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I get the New Yorker’s Daily Humor email. I started getting this mid-pandemic and it provides a measure of comic relief every day. Plus a rabbit hole of other things to read. A recent email was a good example. It started with “A Lexicon for the Late Pandemic” with new vocab like (I suffer from these):

  • P.C.S.D. (post-covid stress disorder): The nightmare we will have for the rest of our lives: you’re walking down the street when you suddenly realize that you’re naked, but it’s just your face.
  • Covalgia: Nostalgia for certain aspects of the pandemic—e.g., reduced traffic, more birds, fewer mass shootings, no office birthday parties. Specifically for me – working from home – I love, love, loved it.

There are others, but we’re about writing. So at the bottom of this post under More Humor, I found a link to How Dating During a Pandemic Is Like Being in a Jane Austen Novel. Okay, not about writing, but most of us can appreciate this. So how is dating like being in a Jane Austen Novel? There are more than just these, but these are my favorites:

  • It’s a long, drawn-out affair, composed of public meetings.
  • The main characters lead quiet domestic lives.
  • You regularly inquire about the health of each other’s family members.
  • Strict manners and customs of the day, built around a moral duty to society, dictate your interactions and lead to amusing mishaps.
  • Includes many brisk walks.
  • Gossip helps edify listeners by determining what is and isn’t acceptable, and who has violated social conventions and decorum.
  • Romantic encounters are very weather-dependent.

The recent spate of Jane Austen fan fiction can now take a big step back to the future. If there were to be a Jane Austen fanfic piece now, you could just change their names, give them cell phones and computers, have a couple zoom dates instead of tea in the parlor, and done.

Has anyone heard of new pandemic romantic fiction hitting the shelves?

2 thoughts on “Michille: Some (Hopefully) Post Pandemic Humor

  1. Michille, I love that Jane Austen / Pandemic dating comparison, especially “The main characters lead quiet domestic lives.”

    As for pandemic stories, I know I’ve seen several of them listed in the Bookbub offerings, but I haven’t checked any of them out. I think I’m going to need a little more distance from the pandemic before I can appreciate reading stories that feature it.

    For now, I’m definitely suffering from a bit of Covalgia, especially when I get in the car to drive somewhere and wind up stuck in traffic.

    • I am definitely struggling with Covalgia. We are back in the office full time and I HATE it. I loved working from home and now wish I would inherit a couple million so I could retire tomorrow.

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