Kay: Finally Getting There!

Phoebe 2 cover smallI’ve been in a flurry of literary activity lately, finishing up my endless trilogy (the Phoebe novels) and contemplating whether my first three books can be resuscitated. (They can! Or at least, one can, for sure.) This effort then requires time spent scheduling editors, formatters, and cover designers. Sometimes I have trouble keeping it all straight—is this the book that’s going to formatting, or going to the editor? What’s due from the cover designer? But the good part is that I think that I’m finally in the home stretch for many of these projects. Not only with my newer work, but also my older work.

I’ve complained so often about the problems I’ve had with the Phoebe trilogy that you all are probably happier than I am that I’m finally finishing them up. (There are way too many links to post back to. Seriously, you don’t want to revisit any of that.) But now that I’m finally getting past my logjam with them, I thought I’d show you the new cover for Phoebe 2. What can I say? I love the cheerleaders. (Editors note: I admit I was a high school cheerleader, but I deny all insinuations that this novel is autobiographical.)

What about you? How are things going on your side?

8 thoughts on “Kay: Finally Getting There!

  1. Love the cover, Kay. It has such a bright, friendly feel to it. Congratulations also on all of your progress—that’s great!

    • Thanks, Sara. This one was the hardest to write, and so I’m inordinately pleased that it finally pulled together. And I think the cover sets just the right mood.

    • Thanks, Jeanne. The designer who’s doing my covers is retired from her day job and is also my critique partner, so she’s read these books a zillion times. There’s a bee (well, a wasp) that plays a significant role in one particular scene, and count on Patricia to incorporate it!

  2. Love the cheerleaders, Kay! Can’t wait to read the book. Will try to remember that it’s *not* in any way autobiographical 😉

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