Jilly: Taking A Break

Are you looking forward to the summer? Feeling ready for a break? Me, too.

Apart from essential trips to the dentist and doctor, one decadent haircut last October, and daily sanity-maintaining walks with Mr. W, I haven’t left home since mid-March 2020. I haven’t even taken the tube into town, except for one unavoidable hospital appointment.

I like my home. I love sitting at my dining table, writing. But after twelve months of covid-confinement, I feel as though the lack of variety and absence of external stimulus are taking a toll on my creativity. It’s taken me three months and I don’t know how many rewrites just to get a first scene I’m happy with on my current WIP, The Seeds of Destiny.

In normal times I’d take a vacation, break out of my comfort zone and fill my creative well with new experiences—sights, smells, ideas, food, people, places.

Right now that’s not possible, though I have my fingers crossed for 2022. 

In the meantime, since I can’t change my surroundings, I’ve decided to break my routine, take a pause from blogging and change it up by taking on a few new challenges from the comfort of my own home.

I’ll still be commenting on the other Ladies’ posts, and you can always find me via my website or my newsletter.

While I’m recharging my battery, I’d like to thank you for your company and wish you a safe and rewarding summer 😀 .

9 thoughts on “Jilly: Taking A Break

  1. It’s been a hard year for creativity and everything else, and I certainly sympathize with the frustration of spending a lot of time working on something without getting the desired result. Been there, bought the T-shirt! Have a great summer, Jilly, and I hope your well fills to overflowing.

  2. Good luck with your plans, Jilly. I hope the change sparks creativity and brings some new experiences. Fingers crossed that your covid-confinement will be lessening soon as well.

  3. Thank you, ladies! An ex-colleague of mine who was a keen gardener used to say that we all need re-potting from time to time 😉 . Hoping a change of pot and some fresh mulch will do the trick for me!

    Happy writing, and have a wonderful summer!

    • Languish is a very classy word for the blahs. For me it evokes some femme fatale lolling on a fainting couch, perfectly dressed, looking wan but fascinating. So much more glam than me in my pajamas, growling at my laptop.

      Flow is a great term–the perfect description for those elusive days when my fictional world is in harmony and the words flow effortlessly. If only there were more of them!

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  5. When are you getting your shots? (If you can? And if I overstep my bounds on this public forum, DO NOT ANSWER.) I think this summer is going to be really exuberant as people get vaccinated and have lower risk — assuming the virus doesn’t mutate too much. Even if it does, I think the drug companies will have enough experience to be quicker about booster shots.

    And they were phenom. quick with this first batch.

    It’s going to be a roaring Twenties scenario, although I hope people just indulge in silly things 50 percent of the time, and remember to be serious and industrious at least part time so we don’t get a Black Friday 2029.

    I probably won’t be able to get vaxxed until 2022, but my MIL, and Auntie and Uncle next door got their coupons to be vaccinated today! So, that will happen for them in May. Hooray! Still, I plan to indulge with outdoor times — a shaded porch that I need to clean up and possibly screen in this summer. Maybe I can even invite a friend over for breezy social distancing . . . .

    • We had our first shots last month–all very well organized and no side effects beyond a sore arm and a vague feeling of jet-lag. The second shot will be in a few weeks’ time, hopefully with the same positive outcome.

      I’m sure you’re right about the Roaring Twenties vibe. Just hoping we manage to get enough people vaccinated here before the summer recklessness really picks up pace. I want to enjoy some lasting benefits from the last twelve months of self restraint!

      Good news about vaccines for your older generation! And I love the sound of a nice shady porch and some socially responsible summertime socializing. Hoping for photos 😉

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