Elizabeth: All Shall Be Well

Quote from Julian of Norwich

Happy Wednesday to all.

I was just watching the news and, despite the roll-out of multiple vaccines and the decreasing infection/death rates, the pandemic is far from over.  That is certainly a disappointing as we pass the 1-year mark since the “shelter in place” first began.  Also disappointing are the pictures I’m seeing of Florida beaches full of crowds of mask-less people–that does not inspire confidence that “normal” is just around the corner.  Other news stories of the increased violence against Asian-Americans clearly show that our country is infected with more than just Covid.

To combat all of that, the quote above seems like a timely boost of positivity.  I’d very much like to believe in that force of love and that the arc of the universe bends towards justice.

In the meantime, the New York Times reported today that “Print book sales had their best year in a decade” in 2020. That makes sense;  what better time to escape into a book than when you’re sheltering at home during a pandemic or trying to block out political upheaval for just a while.  Physical books, eBooks, and audio-book purchases all saw an upsurge in 2020, which my home library and Kindle can confirm.

For now, I think I’ll turn off the news and go escape into a book where I know good will prevail and happily-ever-after exists.

Hoping all is well with you and yours.

5 thoughts on “Elizabeth: All Shall Be Well

  1. I’m glad print books made a comeback. I’ll bet books sales in general went up, although I read a lot less over the last year because my day job was crazy. We were work-from-home until this week. And now we commute to work virtually, closed up in our offices and having Google Meets meetings (yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds).

    Other than than, all is well with me and mine. Thanks for the upbeat post.

    • One thing that fueled the increase in book buying was all those political books that came out in the last year or so. It seems like there was a new one out everyday, though I avoided them all.

      Bummer about your transition to “locked in your office working virtually.” We’re still at home until at least August. If this drags on long enough, I may be able to retire without ever going back to the office. So tempting.

  2. I’ve had trouble reading this year for some reason—I couldn’t focus on anything, didn’t like new stuff, wasn’t interested in rereading the old stuff for the most part—and I switched to TV. I’d been watching every marshmallow program I could find, but about two weeks ago, I picked up a book, read it through, enjoyed it, and bought a second by the same author. So I’m feeling like I’m enjoying a burst of optimism now that spring is here, or because I’ve had my second vaccination, or whatever. There’s always plenty of bad news to worry us, but taking our enjoyments where we can is important. Happy reading, Elizabeth!

    • I too had trouble, Kay, especially anything new, even books that I’m sure I would have enjoyed. I did to a lot of comfort re-reading though, ironically, of books set just after WWI, when there had also just been a pandemic.

      Glad you are enjoying a burst of optimism now. Long may it last.

  3. That’s a beautiful quote, and beautifully presented! I’m glad to hear the news about print sales, too. I do enjoy digital books — I love arguing with the author in the notes and interacting with the book in a way that I don’t with print.

    On the other hand, there’s nothing like a book! I can take it anywhere, and it won’t suck up cat fur (and if it does, cat hair does not impair its function — I can just vacuum the book). I just got the first three Penric novellas in an omnibus book form. I think the next three are going to be available in May. Just waiting for a nice lull so I can read them.

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