Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprint

Happy “Celebration of Life Day” (if you’re reading this on the 22nd).  According to the National Day Calendar folks:

“Celebration of Life Day on January 22nd honors the children and grandchildren who bring joy to our lives. The day is a reminder that each child and each life is to be held as a precious gift with the highest respect and dignity.”

With all that’s been going on the world in the past year or more, taking a bit of time to celebrate life seems like a nice thing to do.

I recently finished celebrating our recent political transition of power.  It’s remarkable how comforting it is to feel like there are intelligent, competent adults in the room again.  We may not yet be in “nothing but good times ahead” territory, but now at least we seem to be heading in the correct direction.

Without constantly having  to worry about what horrible thing I’m going to see on the news, I foresee a bit more spare time in my future.  Today, I think I use some of that time to give today’s writing prompt and random words a try.

Care to join me?

For those of you working away on a story (whether a first draft or a polished version on its way to publication), if you’re not feeling random, we’d love to hear a bit – whether it’s a scene, a paragraph, or even a phrase that you are especially pleased with and would like to share.

If you don’t have a story in progress, or just want to work on something new, I hope either today’s random words or writing prompt will catch your creative fancy.


Prompt:   Starting a new project

Feel free to interpret the prompt any way you choose (or ignore it completely) and include any (or all) of the following random words:   

appearance        beehive           color               legend

casino                  animal             drunken        pilot

viper                    blankly            balcony          bedtime

blender               dancing            gallery            bluff

I look forward to seeing your stories in the comments.  If you’re not feeling in the writing mood today, or don’t have time, feel free to post suggestions you might have for future “what-if” prompts.  Ideas are always welcome.

Happy writing to all!

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprint

  1. I know what you mean about the news, Elizabeth! I saw a fun article yesterday about Dr. Fauci. It was a before and after photo layout. Two headshots. Same suit. In the “before” photo, taken at a press conference from the Trumpster era, Fauci’s head is down and he’s covering his eyes with his hand. The second, “after” photo is from the Biden era. And he’s BEAMING. So much fun to see.

    So I don’t know if my sprint is about a “project,” exactly. Maybe if you use the word in its broadest possible meaning.

    The Holiday
    Aberdeen Bradshaw leaned over the balcony, the better to see the dancing below. From the gallery, the casino looked like a beehive of colorful—if drunken—activity. Especially amusing was the legendary test pilot, who danced with all the grace of a small animal in a blender.

    “Come inside, Abs,” her viper of a husband said from inside the suite. He was scheduled for an early departure, if only he knew it. Calling her “Abs”? Unthinkable. “It’s bedtime, darling.”

    Like she’d ever sleep with that cretin again.

    “Come here and check out the action,” she said, calling his bluff.

    To her surprise, he put in an appearance, his hair tousled, his pajamas rumpled. He gazed blankly down at the floor dance three stories below, resting his elbows on the railing.


    It would be so easy, now that he was half asleep, and probably groggy from the sleeping pill, too. She shouldn’t.

    But it would be so easy.

    • I didn’t see that photo, Kay, but I did see the new administration’s first press conference on Wednesday. I felt like I had fallen into an episode of West Wing. It was such a relief.

      As for your story–pretty sure Aberdeen is going to give her cretin of a husband that final nudge. Hopefully it won’t upset the dancers. Loved the “grace of a small animal in a blender” line.

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