Jeanne: Booksweeps Promo

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Come one, come all!

Promoting my books always makes me feel like a carnival barker, but the truth is, this is a great deal. If you like paranormal and/or sci-fi romance, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about new authors and have a chance to win books and maybe even an eReader.

Booksweeps promotions connect readers of a particular subgenre with authors who’d like to reach a wider audience. First prize is an eReader plus a free copy of every book in the sweep. Second prize is a free copy of every book.

Readers get to review the list of participating authors and select the ones that look like good fits for their reading tastes. Each newsletter subscription is another chance to win.

Authors pay to be included but it’s free for readers.

The promo ends Wednesday, so click here today!

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