Jilly: Book Birthday–The Seeds of Exile

The Seeds of Exile is live now on Amazon and other e-book retailers! For a dollar and change you can pre-order Daire’s novella today, or download it tomorrow (Monday).

This makes me so happy 😀 ! It’s such a satisfying way to end a depressing year, and leaves me feeling energized and inspired to dive in to the next book.

Exile is the second story in the Elan Intrigues historical fantasy series. It can be read as a standalone, though if you’ve read The Seeds of Power you’ll meet some familiar characters as well as a couple of new ones. Expect a quick-witted hero, sibling rivalry, royal politics, natural magic, and life-or-death stakes.

Here’s the blurb:

Two princes. A desperate duel. A perilous legacy.

How can a man not know his brother? Prince Daire of Caldermor and his heir, Prince Warrick, were raised apart. Daire’s showy. Warrick’s stuffy. All they have in common is a shared secret duty—Daire creates elan, mysterious golden beans that assure their family wealth and power; Warrick bears witness. Then Daire discovers that elan-making ravages his body. Internally he’s hurt beyond remedy, but if he modifies the time-honored elan ritual he can save Warrick from suffering his fate.

Warrick knows transforming elan is a privilege. He doesn’t believe it’s dangerous. To prevent Daire from debasing their treasured heritage he claims the throne and battle is joined. The arena: an elan-making duel. The loser’s forfeit: exile.

Daire wants Warrick beside him, not banished, but he’ll need insight and guile to win the duel without losing his brother—or breaking the ancient Legacy that protects Caldermor.


The novella is a quick read—22k words or around a hundred pages.

I hope you try it. And I really, really hope you like it!

Link for Amazon US is here

Link for Amazon UK is here

Wishing you a safe and happy Sunday!

10 thoughts on “Jilly: Book Birthday–The Seeds of Exile

  1. Congratulations!! Beautiful cover. I’m glad you have them in paperback, too. I gave my sister the first novel in the series (The Seeds of Power) and she loved it. It’s almost birthday time again, so I can get her the paperback of The Seeds of Exile! (Not to mention, a copy for myself.)

    • Ooh, thank you! I hope you, and your sister, enjoy the story 🙂

      It makes a slender paperback, but some of my friends and family prefer to read physical books, so I decided to go for it and priced it as cheaply as I could. Next will be another full length book, The Seeds of Destiny. That wraps up Daire’s personal arc, though it’s nowhere near the end of the saga.

        • I think it may be the cover. So bright and cheerful! I bought the e-book, but now I’m thinking perhaps I might like a paper copy as well 😉 .

  2. I so enjoyed reading this story pre-release, but I bought a copy to hang onto and have on my e-reader. Congratulations on its release! It’s a great story and a beautiful cover to do it justice.

    ETA: It’s a great blurb, too!

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