Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints

Welcome to the end of another week.  Mine didn’t get off to the best of starts, but it is ending on a much better note, and not just because my internet is up and running again.

The weather has taken a turn for the fall-ish today–cool enough for me to pull out my favorite light-weight flannel shirt.  True, I’m still barefoot, but I’m cozy and not in danger of melting into a puddle of sweat, so that is a good thing. 

The leaves are preparing for their final descent and during my evening walk, the lawn of my nearby park was sporting drifts of crimson and gold even though the landscaping crew had been by earlier in the day to rake and mow.  My flowers, however, are convinced we’re still in the midst of summer and are busily blooming away.  As I work, I can see a pot of colorful flowers that are very popular with bees and hummingbirds alike.

The only thing on my agenda today–other than work and some quality “staring off into space” time–is to give today’s writing prompt and random words a try.

Care to join me?

For those of you working away on a story (whether a first draft or a polished version on its way to publication), if you’re not feeling random, we’d love to hear a bit – whether it’s a scene, a paragraph, or even a phrase that you are especially pleased with and would like to share.

If you don’t have a story in progress, or just want to work on something new, I hope either today’s random words or writing prompt will catch your creative fancy.


What if: “Your character is in the midst of a house remodel?

Feel free to interpret the “What” any way you choose (or ignore it completely) and include any (or all) of the following random words:

exquisite            gamble           urban                 exhibition

contractual        blind               horoscope        sparkle

escalator            herd                dancing             freezing

colors                 charm              warm                 sunlight

I look forward to seeing your stories in the comments.  If you’re not feeling in the writing mood today, or don’t have time, feel free to post suggestions you might have for future “what-if” prompts.  Ideas are always welcome.

Happy writing to all!

One thought on “Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints

  1. I’m glad the internet’s back, Elizabeth! And speaking of fall, I’m about ready to turn the heat on. Which I would, except it’s supposed to hit the 80s again next week. Seems premature… anyway, the sprint’s done. Remodeling—everyone seems to be doing it.

    The home remodel
    “For heaven’s sake, put some clothes on,” said Sparkle Darling. “You’re making an exhibition of yourself. Not to mention, it’s freezing in here.”

    Sparkle’s husband Milo twirled naked in the sunlight that streamed through the windows and danced in exquisite prisms across the polished floor. “My horoscope said that I should take a gamble,” he said. “I’m gambling no one will care.”

    “I care,” Sparkle said. “Also, that herd of contractors will be here any minute. They’re putting the escalator in today.”

    “Have you picked the colors for the blinds yet?” Milo had finally seen reason and pulled on a pair of sweat pants. They did help to warm him up.

    “What did you think of that gray tone I showed you?”

    “It spoke to me of urban charm,” Milo said. “What should we have for breakfast?”

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