Kay: What Next?

The view from my living room window, 10am, Sept. 9, 2020.

A friend gave me a $50 gift card to Amazon for my birthday a few weeks ago, and today, while we in California’s Bay Area are living with skies that look like the apocalypse, I spent it on ebooks.

I was frightened when I woke up this morning to dark red skies—fires are all around us but haven’t been of immediate danger. However, when I first moved to California, a big fire erupted just a mile or two behind my house and burned through more than 3,000 homes and killed 27 people. Most of my street evacuated voluntarily at that time, but I had faith in the fire department and the hydrant at the end of my block. My faith was rewarded, too: the fire came no closer than about three-quarters of a mile.

However, the sky was so red and dark this morning, I thought the flames must be raging toward us. And I didn’t have a go bag ready. Insurance papers? Passport? Contact lens solution? What to grab?

I came downstairs and looked out my back window to the hills that had burned years ago. No visible flames. Checked the TV news. All about the corona virus. So I googled. And discovered that the smoke and particulate matter of the fires 60-ish miles away were trapped above the marine layer (the “fog” the area is famous for), which was coloring the sky. No immediate danger, at least not from fire.

Released from fear, I decided to party like it was 1929, so I went to Amazon and spent that $50, buying all the ebooks I’d been interested in or had recommendations for. And when I sat back, exhausted from all my shopping decisions, I realized I probably should have put that $50 toward a new Kindle. My first-iteration Kindle, purchased so many years ago, has finally given up the ghost. But I can read those ebooks on my phone’s Kindle app until I rectify that situation. Time to turn on the lights and read!

In cheerier news, I got some roughs back of the cover for the first book in the trilogy I’ve been working on since 1066. I think I’ll go with this one, but they’re all adorable. I’m excited about getting these books out there. Still a long way to go, but less far than before.  What do you think? If you were looking for a light-hearted romp-ish type story, would you pick this up?

And now, back to the apocalypse and my TBR pile.



4 thoughts on “Kay: What Next?

  1. I love that cover, Kay. It looks fun and just what I need right now. I can’t wait for it to be available so I can click “buy” and start reading.

    As for the apocalyptic skies this morning – that was very disconcerting. I had an early morning meeting, so I wasn’t at my brightest, but I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t light out yet (it wasn’t THAT early). Then I saw the skies and thought maybe I was really still asleep and dreaming it. No such luck. Things seem to clear a bit by afternoon, but it was weird working all day in the pseudo-dusk. On the bright side, the fires are slowly getting under control (hope that continues) and the meltingly hot temperatures from a few days ago seem to have chilled a bit.

    I could really use a lighthearted romp-ish story for a distraction. Hint. Hint.

    • That heat wave was something else. I thought I’d melt. Who moves to the Bay Area for 100+ weather? And now, cooler, but the skies! It sounds like tomorrow will be more of the same. I had the lights on all day. Creepy.

      Thanks for the nice feedback on the cover! I still have to write a blurb, an author bio, and dig up some testimonials, and then no doubt tweak it half to death, but then it’ll be good to go. Maybe I’ll send out a newsletter! Now there’s a concept…

  2. I absolutely would–and will!–buy that book for the adorable cover. Can’t wait!

    I have a sprint friend who lives in the Bay Area. Yesterday she turned her computer around to show me what it looked like outside. It was horrifying. Thank goodness it was less dangerous than it appeared. Glad you’re both safe!

    • I’m glad you like the cover! Thank you. I think it hits the sweet spot for the tone of the book. And that adorable dog. 🙂

      The sky is much the same again today. Air quality is terrible, but the cleaning ladies are coming, and if they can go out, I can leave them in peace. I think I’ll see if I can get a flu shot at the pharmacy, ironically enough.

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