Kay: That’s Entertainment!

In these days of pandemic and stay-at-home orders, lots of people seem to be reading more. Think you have to break the bank to get more books? Not so! Curbside Larry is here to tell you different. You may have seen him before; he’s getting a lot of coverage these days. But in the event you fear that a furloughed used-car salesman is running amok in the public library system, be assured that Curbside Larry is really library staffer John Schaffer.

For people who would rather watch TV than read, deciding which platforms to subscribe to—or even figuring out what platforms are out there—can be almost a fulltime job. But now there’s help for the curious, the desperate, and the Netflix-challenged.

Finally, here’s a 2016 episode of Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks that is still remarkably relevant. Not to mention, funny.

That’s all for now, folks! Stay safe out there!

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