Kay: A Blurb for a Blurb

I got nothin’ this week. I spent a long, difficult Saturday having endless problems uploading a new cover (yay!) and newly formatted interior (double yay!!) for a paperback edition (triple yay!!!) of an old novel to Amazon, which necessitated tweaking my book blurb, among other refreshes. Nine hours later, I had a carpal tunnel flare up. So I’m typing briefly with two fingers. Nothing but good times ahead!

But in an effort to be useful (and mercifully short), I’m adding a link to an article about writing blurbs and teasers. Some of you might find it useful, as I did. (Full disclosure: I’m a columnist on the Writers Fun Zone site.)

5 thoughts on “Kay: A Blurb for a Blurb

  1. Sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel flare up, but yay! for getting the book successfully up on Amazon. That achievement deserves a treat.

    • It takes me forever to get the production side of indie publishing finished, as it’s the part of the work I least enjoy. Everyone was so good to comment on the covers, I’m happy they’re finally up and out there.

      I thought the blurb discussion was helpful, too. Reminds one of what a blurb should try to do.

  2. (-: We need a discussion of carpal tunnel prevention! When we are all feeling healthy and type-a-thon-y, of course.

    Remember when we did blurbs and taglines in class? None of us had finished our books yet, but it was still a helpful exercise in figuring out what we thought was going to be the most important, juiciest thing to the reader. Great for works in progress, and also gives a writer practice for when the WIP is finally done and ready to pitch.

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