Michaeline: Jokes Saturday


Lady in a jester's costume, leading a man in a monk's costume.

“I have a joke about a priest, a rabbi and a minister, but it’s a low bar.” — Image via Wikimedia Commons

Silly season, the time when serious people go on vacation and the media is left to the frivolous folks lower on the ladder, has started early. At least, according to my Twitter timeline, it looks that way. It’s jam-packed with jokes that follow the format of “I have a joke about x, but y.”

So ridiculous. But so viral! It’s been in my brain, and I’ve been obsessed with the jokes all morning. Here are some I came up with:

I have a joke about Skype, but I’d have to phone it in.

I have a joke about plums, but it’s so cold. (But so delicious.) This is just to say hello, William Carlos Williams. 

I have a joke about school openings during a pandemic, but it’s really sick.

I have a joke about sewing homemade masks, but it’s layered.

I have a joke about a pile of laundry, but it’s not clean.

I have a joke about a two-engine plane, but it needs a couple of props. (This one is for my mom. Hi, Mom!)

I have a joke about opening bars during a pandemic, but it’s too soon – and the priest, the rabbi and the atheist are busy doing other things.

I have a joke about the post office, but I’m not sure if I can deliver the punchline.

I have a joke about a tree falling in the forest, but does it have a punchline if no one hears it?

Flour ad that shows how to bake a cake

Image via Wikimedia Commons


I have a joke about fresh croissants, but it’s flaky.

I have a joke about three-day old doughnuts, but it’s stale.

I have a joke about sour dough, but it fails to get a rise out of people.

Or there’s my joke about the latest cake craze, but people can’t always tell if it’s real or not.

Now I hand the mike off to you . . . have you got a joke?

2 thoughts on “Michaeline: Jokes Saturday

    • I haven’t seen it before, either, but it’s fun, and I’ve seen it all over Twitter — biology Twitter, botany Twitter, mechanical engineering Twitter, math Twitter, and of course, writing Twitter is all over it. It’s such a great chance to indulge in silly puns. Or not so silly puns.

      I haven’t seen it hashtagged, but searching Twitter these days seems to pull up Tweets with the keywords pretty well. (too well, maybe)

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