Michille: One More Writing Course

Like Elizabeth and her post yesterday about being Creativity Challenged, I find myself very challenged creatively. And although I swore I wouldn’t do another writing course until I got more words on the pages of my current WIP, I just signed up for one. Productivity Hacks for Writers by Jessica Brody on udemy. The tagline for it is: Simple Strategies and Proven Techniques to Be More Productive and Get the Most Out of Every Writing Day. I attended a breakout session at RWA (Atlanta, I think) that was excellent. She is an enthusiastic, endlessly positive, motivational speaker who believes wholeheartedly in her product. In fact, she reminds me of Steven Covey, except with a cheerleader’s energy and pompoms rather than Covey’s slow-paced, methodical delivery.

I certainly need all the help I can get to be more productive. There are 42 lectures with 3 hours of video (lifetime access so I won’t lose any if I can’t get to them immediately) separated into six sections Here is another blurb from the email:

That’s 20+ strategies, tips, tools and techniques to help you:
• Eliminate distractions
• Inspire creativity
• Stay organized
• Boost brain function
• Focus your attention and energy
• Effortlessly get into the writing zone every single day

You can find a link to her writing courses here and links to all the udemy here. My world is topsy-turvy right now and I’m hoping this will give me some tips to focus and write. It would be a great escape from the crazy.

How is your productivity? Or your crazy?

6 thoughts on “Michille: One More Writing Course

    • So has mine, Jeanne. Of course, it’s Saturday and I’m also on my work computer which I never would have done pre-pandemic, but this is my new normal. Hoping to kick-start some creative productivity to make my brain happier.

    • I’ve been thinking about going back to school, too. I have no idea why that has been in my head, I already have a master’s degree and I have no interest in a Ph.D. so I don’t know what the back to school would even be. My brain isn’t working correctly right now, I guess.

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