Kay: Wild Hair (That’s Entertainment!)

My friend Eileen

Shetland pony

How long have we been social distancing now? It feels like forever, right? Most of us haven’t been out to a hairdresser—or really, anywhere else—in all that time. And let’s face it: we aren’t really looking our best these days.

A friend emailed me that it’s been so long since she last had a haircut, she looks like a Shetland pony. I thought that was ridiculous, but then she sent me pictures of herself and a Shetland pony. And holy cow, she was right. She looks just like a Shetland pony!


Weird chicken

This made me wonder what I look like. It turns out, I look like a weird chicken.

I asked the other Ladies what they were doing about their hair in these stay-at-home times, and what they were looking like these days. As you might expect, some of the Ladies are cutting their own hair, or are letting it grow long. Some are dying it for the first time, or missing a coloring treatment.


Highland cow

Elizabeth has fairly long hair, so missing a trim, if she were so inclined, might not be so noticeable. In answer to the question of how long the stay-at-home has been going on, she says, “two hair cuts’ worth.” And she’s taking the current state of affairs as an indication that it’s time to let nature take its course, hair-wise.

She says it would appear that “Scottish Highland cow” best describes her “out-for-a-walk, shelter-in-place” hair. Looking good, Ladies!



Some of the Ladies think that their hair most closely resembles plant life. Jeanne thinks she’s looking most like a dandelion.






Jilly reports that she’s been cutting (and thinning) her own hair, too—at least two hair cuts’ worth. She says that the term most often used to describe it at her house is “haystack.”

(For the curious, the photo of that beautiful haystack was taken in County Clare, Ireland.)



Michaeline lets go

Michaeline’s hair is long enough that she can adapt two styles to her hair. When she lets it go, she looks like a mini Goldendoodle. (photo: picuki.com/tag/banglecats)




Michaeline sleek

Araripe Manakin

When Michaeline’s hair is pulled back, though, then it’s a bird of a different feather! (This photo of the rare Brazilian bird Araripe Manakin was shot by Rick Elis Simpson via Wikimedia Commons.)




Finally, Justine thought she’d try something new, coloring her hair a beautiful purplish-red just in the front. And then she brushed it out, and her husband said “Oh my God” when he saw it. (She says she NEVER brushes out her hair, and she has to thin it to keep it manageable. I wish!)

What does she look like? A lion, of course.

Younger son

Golden Lion Tamarin

Her younger son wanted to get in on the act, so we’re adding him in. He, too, went for a little color in front and a little shorter in the back. I thought that beautiful color most resembled a golden lion tamarin.

And that’s what we’re looking like these days, over at Eight Ladies Writing! How are you all holding up out there in the hair department?

12 thoughts on “Kay: Wild Hair (That’s Entertainment!)

  1. haha! This is great Kay! My son is still loving his “red” hair. 😀 I think the rest of us look beautiful, regardless of what state our hair is in.

    • Thanks for your great photos, Justine! They are fab. I’m thinking I’ll be trying a haircut on myself soon. That should be fun. And I agree: all in all, we’re looking pretty good. 🙂

  2. LOL, wonderful job, Kay! Nice editing on this, and we look FABULOUS, all of us and our dopplegangers.

    To tell the truth, I was stocked up on henna before the coronavirus even raised its spiky head, so my hair isn’t that much different than it was before. What’s different, though, is staying in pajamas until 11 a.m. Or all day. I’m trying to set some standards, though, but they may not become a habit until June. Luckily, I bought two identical sets of pajamas that make me very happy way back in December, so I’m not kicking around in ratty, bleach-stained used-to-be daywear stuff.

    I still need to get (make?) a lounging robe or a smoking jacket for the cooler months. Maybe I can use the curtain sheers and make something diaphanous and worthy of a box of (homemade) bonbons.

  3. This is great. I love these comparison photos. I am only one-hair-cut out but my roots are showing exactly how much gray hair I have now. Contemplating home coloring. My fingernails are actually suffering more. I have terrible nails – they break and split as soon as they grow past the nail bed. It can be quite painful if I catch a split on something and it tears into the nail bed. I can go longer on my hair than I can on my nails.

    • So sorry about your nails—sounds like you have to be careful with your hands to avoid injury there. If you decide to color your hair, let us know how it turns out! Grooming becomes so much more complicated when we don’t have the experts to make it all turn out well. 🙂

    • I feel for you, Michille, both on the roots and the fingernails. I tend to use nail-glue like nail polish, just to give my nails a fighting chance.

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