Michaeline: New Penric Novella by Lois McMaster Bujold

a plague doctor in a long beaked mask with a robe, gloves and hood

The doctor is in, and I think I’ve found the cure for my reading blahs! (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

All right, book fans, I have been out of action for 42 days. No writing, and as for reading, I only did about four days of the 10-day-long Decameron. It’s been a rough quarantine for story for me — I haven’t even watched any TV stories or movies aside from a special Quarantine tribute to Lil Sebastian by the Parks & Recreation cast. (2:44)

And this week is not going to be any less busy. My father-in-law’s 49-day death anniversary is coming up this week, and the crops have to be in the fields, and my daughter is starting online Quarantine College classes . . . .

But it looks like I could bust right out of this horrible, boring rut I’m in. I write this on Friday evening my time; by the time it posts tomorrow at 5 a.m. GMT, there could be a new Penric novella by Lois McMaster Bujold out! Details about The Physicians of Vilnoc are in her Goodreads blog here. You can read the first section on Patreon here. (I’ve been seeing Tweets about The Decameron Project for days, and it sounds like a wonderful way to sample a lot of the people writing fantasy and science fiction today. 

I have, and the first 100 words had me squealing in delight. Oh, this is going to be a great book, and perfect for the times we live in. I’m hoping it’ll prove inspirational as well. I don’t know if I can write a physician in a time of plague, but I bet I could find a journalist character who reports on a plague during an era of magic and upheaval. Steampunk? Contemporary urban/rural fantasy? Or maybe something set on a space station?

At any rate, I’ll put The Decameron aside for a few more days, and dive into a wonderful read after I’ve done my duty and my chores on Saturday. Fingers crossed!

(I’ll update with Amazon info as soon as I have it!)

8 thoughts on “Michaeline: New Penric Novella by Lois McMaster Bujold

  1. Have you read Sisters of the Vast Black? A disease is part of the story, but – nuns in space! Such an interesting premise! Not that I’m religious, but…

    And I was reading Station Eleven when the shutdown started; it’s such a (largely) gentle story, that it was fine.

  2. Guys, it’s up! I woke up this morning, and there it was . . . unfortunately, I had a full day of flower viewing and shopping for essentials and chauffeuring, but now I’ve GOT it, and ready to read. I saw it on B&N Nook, and I’ve got it on Amazon’s Kindle. I think there’s one more outlet, but I don’t have time to check — I must read!

      • I did! I LOVE novellas! I was only up until midnight finishing it. Now, to get cracking on the last 50 percent of the Decameron. Then I can read Book 2 of Fred the Vampire Accountant. And then the nuns in space story! If I can find the time . . . but the last day of ceremonies for my FIL’s funeral is Thursday — the 49th day ceremony (although, it’s really the 48th day, but the priest had other things to do). After that, I don’t think there’s any rituals until maybe August. This week, though, gotta get the kitchen junk piles tidied up, at the very least. After Thursday, maybe we can start to let the tumbleweeds drift across the living room again.

        The Physicians of Vilnoc was such a delight. The plot moved very well, it was thrilling, and the themes were so timely. It’s going to be a great novella in ten years time for people who don’t remember the Quara, but to have the privilege to read this book now? It’s amazing.

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