Kay: That’s Entertainment!

We’re starting another week! I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been needing a bit of fun in my life, and I found a few things that I hope you’ll enjoy, too.

First up: Now that we can’t go out to party or otherwise enjoy our favorite out-of-the-house activities, we have to make our own, stay-at-home fun. Neighbors in Australia have been dressing up to take out the trash. I wish my neighbors did this.

Probably a lot of you are watching John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” program, which airs Sundays on YouTube. He’s up to three episodes now, but episode two, the most recent available at the time of this writing, features, among other things, the original cast of Hamilton singing to a nine-year-old girl, who couldn’t see the show because of corona virus shutdowns. But here’s the real highlight of this episode: Krasinski features a radio program from Okanagan, Canada, called @radioKeppler. (In case you hadn’t noticed, ahem, that would be named after me. Actually, not really. That guy just happens to have the same name as I do.)

Anyway, Krasinski’s program is amusing and, well, full of good news. If you happen to like that kind of thing.

Finally, staying at home can get old pretty fast, and many people are very upset that they’re unable to go out to their favorite restaurants. Check out this little girl’s reaction to news of the closures. (Sorry this is so big!)

I’m sure we can all sympathize with how she feels!

And that’s all for today. Stay well, everyone!


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