Jeanne: Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Magnolia blossom

Magnolia blossoms, seen in my neighborhood on Sunday

Forced proximity is a romance trope wherein the couple in question is forced by circumstance (blizzard, long-haul truck run, bodyguard, work assignment, etc.) to spend time together. I suspect there will be an influx of these stories in the coming months but I have to tell you: I’m already tire of this trope.

Because we’re older and fairly sensible by nature, Old Dog and I started self-isolating a couple of weeks ago. We are doing better cooped up together than I would have expected. Under normal circumstances we have a tendency to snipe at each other when we’re feeling irritable, but we’ve managed to curtail that almost completely, at least for the duration.

For now, I’m able to get out and walk in my neighborhood or head to the nature preserve about 10 miles north of my house when cabin fever threatens to get out of control. If you don’t have that option, here’s a video from my walk earlier this week that may give you a little vicarious out-of-doors time.


8 thoughts on “Jeanne: Love in the Time of Coronavirus

  1. Is Charleston Preserves busy? I need to get out of the house (and take Hubby with me since he’s never been and wants to check it out) once it warms up a little and doesn’t look like it’s going to storm on us. Of course, if the weather improves, more people will probably go, huh?

  2. Here in northern California, we had a rush of people going out to the parks, so now they’re closed. (I think that probably says all you have to know about forced proximity!) A week ago, the local marina was open, and I went there for a walk as a treat (mostly I always walk just in my neighborhood), and it was packed. No way at all to maintain social distancing, and even though we’re supposed to be safer outside, I’m in the so-called “vulnerable” group by virtue of asthma and age, so I’ll stick to my neighborhood where people are aggressive about going out into the street when they meet someone on the sidewalk.

    I live alone, so I don’t have to worry about forced proximity, but I find I’m spending a lot more time on the phone. To celebrate, I bought a new landline, and it has a wonderful feature: call blocking! So now all the telemarketing companies and political operatives who want to reach all the people at home—poof! One click and they’re gone forever. I love that.

    • I have a landline, but it does not have that feature. The telemarketing calls have tapered off over the past couple of weeks, though. Guessing various governors do not consider “call people at dinnertime” businesses essential.

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