Jeanne: Using Instagram to Sell Books, Part 2

Last week, we talked about how to set up your Instagram account for maximum attraction to book buyers:

  1. Limit yourself to three topics.
  2. Identify and adhere to an overall layout. Good article on that here.
  3. Choose a limited color palette.

This week we’ll add some more pointers and talk about how that may translate into book sales.

First: Build an attractive, friendly profile.

Instagram Profile 2020-03-01

  1. When you set up your IG profile, the interface will allow you to choose an identifier for your line of work. This is optional but I chose Author.
  2. Add some information about yourself to help potential followers determine whether you have common areas of interest. Mine are:
    • Romance author
    • Hiker
    • Flower photographer
  3. Add illustrative emojis for more visual impact and connection.
  4. Instagram allows you one, and only one, link (unless you have 10,000 followers or pay for a promotion). To get around this, you can use a service like  or Shorby to create a menu of links.
  5. Use the highlight buttons to save Stories (Instagram posts that remain visible for a single day and are vertical rectangles rather than squares). These should align with your three chosen topics, although you may have additional categories, or sub-categories. For example, one of my topics is hiking, and one of the things I often see when hiking are waterfalls.
  6. You can buy the graphics for your highlights over on Etsy really cheap. A lot of people go for little symbolic icons (tennis, knitting, cooking, etc.) but I elected to stay more generic.

So that, at a high level, takes care of your profile page.

Next week: actually selling books via IG (for real).


5 thoughts on “Jeanne: Using Instagram to Sell Books, Part 2

  1. I’m impressed with all this thought you’ve put into your Instagram account, Jeanne! I have to say, my interaction with this platform is to 1) “heart” every post that comes my way, and 2) post my vacation photos, if I take any, which I usually don’t. I’ll be curious to see how you use this as a sales tool and how you get the metrics for that.

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