Jilly: Seizing the Day

Time flies when you’re having fun 😀

I won’t be doing much writing or blogging this weekend, because I’ll be helping my husband celebrate his 60thbirthday. This will be the fifth Big Birthday I’ve celebrated with him, and we’re both wondering where the time went.

On his 20thbirthday we were at university. I made him a chocolate cake in the shape of a hedgehog, with chocolate buttons for spikes. It seems like yesterday. Now we’re retired and enjoying the luxury of a kind of golden age.

So this is a quick post to say life is fleeting. Blink and you’ll miss it. Don’t forget to take time to celebrate your successes and enjoy the good moments with the people closest to you.

What will you celebrate this year?

8 thoughts on “Jilly: Seizing the Day

  1. Congratulations to your husband on his latest Big Birthday. I hope you both have a wonderful time celebrating. I can’t help but wonder if there is a story behind that hedgehog cake . . . .seems like there must be 🙂

    There are no big celebrations on the horizons here, but thanks for the reminder to celebrate the good moments, whether they are big or small.

    • Thank you–we had a wonderful weekend. I remember being immensely proud of that cake–pretty sure the sub-warden of our Hall of Residence allowed me to borrow her kitchen to bake it. I remember that it tasted good, but I honestly can’t remember why the hedgehog.

      You’ve had at least one celebration lately–didn’t you get a promotion and a snazzy new job title?

  2. Congratulations to you both for a long life together! How wonderful to know one so well—and to know that one has to take the time to nourish Important relationships. Did you make an anniversary hedgehog cake this year?

    • Thank you 🙂 . Time really does fly! And re the cake–no, I didn’t make one. On his 40th birthday a friend who’s an amazing baker made him a cake adorned with 40 naked ladies. That was the ne plus ultra of birthday cakes. I haven’t attempted one since.

    • Congratulations on your 30 years together! I bet you’ll know exactly what I mean about the time just whizzing by.

      There must have been a good story to go with the hedgehog. Our life has always been loaded with imaginary characters and in-jokes, and I expect that was an early example. I just wish I could remember. If it suddenly comes back to me I’ll post an update :-).

  3. Aw! Happy birthday to him! I think celebrating other people’s birthdays is pretty much more fun than celebrating my own. My FIL’s birthday was that weekend, and I made a lopsided white cake with strawberry filling. Looked VERY homemade, but it tasted so good. And it lasted for three days.

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