Elizabeth: Check this out

Four Exercises for Better Revision by Kay KepplerToday’s originally planned post has been interrupted by a long work-day, a homework assignment that had to be completed by 11:59PM, a book that I was half-way through reading, and the need for at least a few hours of sleep.

Fortunately, Kay had an excellent post about the topic of revisions over at Writer’s Fun Zone that seemed perfect to share.  Here’s a little preview:

Writing a novel—putting words on the page—leaves your work only half-done. You still need to revise it to make it as tight and as polished as you can. Even if you think it’s ready for the big time, try these four exercises to examine your manuscript with fresh eyes and spot areas that could be improved.

To read the full post, head on over to the Writer’s Fun Zone.

5 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Check this out

  1. Thanks for giving the Writers Fun Zone a little boost today, Elizabeth! I’ve been writing a monthly article for my friend Beth, the proprietor there, for the last few years. It’s a fun gig, and she has a pretty big audience—somebody I went to grad school got in touch with me as a consequence! I guess you just never know.

  2. Nice find, Elizabeth! Our Kay is kind of sneaky about her published work (-:.

    I think I just realized why characters go into a huddle and the scene switches before the conversation can be “heard” by the reader — it allows a quick segue into action. (-: It’s a kind of corny device, but definitely more snappy than sitting around, drinking tea or wine, and dissecting the next action to be taken (one of my NaNos is FULL of scenes like that — which is fine in a first draft and really revealing. But once I know, I should show).

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