Elizabeth: 6th Annual Christmas Week Short Story Challenge!

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Long-time readers of the blog may recall that around this time of year we tend to take a break from talking about writers and writing and do a little storytelling instead.  It’s like a multi-week version of our regular Friday Writing Sprints.

We’re kicking off this year’s Christmas Week Short Story Challenge today and several of the Eight Ladies will be posting their stories during the next week or so.  All of you blog-readers are welcome to participate as well.  You can post your own story (or a link to your story) in the comments below on this post or on any of the upcoming Short Story posts.

The rules of the Challenge are simple – write a short story based on the specified prompt and include at least three of the random words on the list; extra points for including more than three words and extra points with sparkles for Holiday references.

What if:   Your character received an anonymous/mysterious/unexpected gift?

As always, feel free to interpret the “What if” any way you choose (or ignore it completely) if your story-muse takes you in a different direction.

northern      blinking       warm             kingdom

seed             social            knuckle         bittersweet

dove            bauble          pure               invitation

coat             sticky            aversion        challenge

Whatever length story you want to write – that’s exactly the length we’re looking for.

While you wait for this year’s stories, feel free to get in the mood by checking out some of last year’s entries:

Even better, try your hand at today’s words and post your results in the comments for all to enjoy.

Let the challenge begin!

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth: 6th Annual Christmas Week Short Story Challenge!

  1. Gosh, that came around quickly! I’ve just been re-reading some of the previous challenge stories. So fun. And fascinating to see how the same selection of words can prompt such different stories.

    I love this year’s prompts. Can’t wait to see what we all come up with. And if anyone else feels inclined to post theirs in the comments or put up a link, that would be fabulous!

  2. All the stories were so different, I couldn’t tell which were the prompt words. So much fun to read those holiday stories again. I’m looking forward to whatever turns up this year.

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