Michille: Gifts for Writers

TypewriterIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. Time to gift the writer in your life with something they will love, perhaps need, hopefully use, but ultimately, will support them in their writing journey. Here is my annual round up of possible gifts for the writer in your life.

I love this writer’s clock, although there’s not a lot of writing . . .

This Hemingway Pencil Cup is adorable (for those of us who remember what a typewriter is).

This looks like a good tool for the planners among us ā€“ Butt in Chair, Hands On Keyboard 2020: Writer’s Diary And Goal Planner.

I’m a fan of giving the voices in my head something productive to do.

For the yogis amongst us, here are some chakra ideas.

Sacral Chakra – represents creativity (among other things). For those romance writers out there, it’s also associated with sexuality. Orange is the color of this chakra so orange stuff, like candles, notebooks, beads or orange crystals, can boost energy and creativity.

Heart Chakra – we fall in love through this Chakra, so a blockage here would be really bad for a romance writer ā€“ not being able to tap into that well of feeling could get in the way of a good story. Green is the color for this chakra so for the old-school writer who still uses pens, green ink pens are good gift ideas (green is also the archetypal symbol of hope). A green sweater to wrap around the heart is an option, too.

Throat Chakra ā€“ promotes communication and self-expression. Blue is the color of the throat Chakra. A necklace or a scarf would be good choices to help balance this Chakra. Lavender is the essential oil for this Chakra. There are so many options for lavender like candles, eye pillows, sachets, scented neck warmer, and on and on.

For a composite list of gift ideas, here is a post from The Write Life with 50 Gifts for Writers That Are Way Better Than a Boring Old Notebook.

Happy procrastinating shopping writing.

4 thoughts on “Michille: Gifts for Writers

    • I like so many of these things, but I’m at the tail end of a year-long house clearing project – getting rid of 1 thing a day, every day, 365 days. I have become much more selective about what I bring into the house. Although, that little typewriter pencil cup is adorable.

    • Sorry, don’t think chakra’s run to healing male refrigerator blindness so they can find things on there own. And you’re going to be dealing with Christmas break soon, too. Good luck finding the peace to write.

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