Jeanne: Interview with Barbra Campbell

LMB - Moonflower CoverBarbra Campbell is a Persister–one of the amazing women who were finalists for the 2018 RWA® Golden Heart® award for unpublished romance. Since then, Barbra has gone on to publish 20 steamy romance novellas. Today, we’re going to talk to her about her most recent effort.

Question 1: Tell us about your book.

Leave Me Breathless: Moonflower Collection contains 8 steamy romances by 8 different authors for the amazing price of 99 cents for a limited time! The stories each contain an element of ‘dreaming of love’ and everyone knows that can take many forms. But hey, it’s a romance, so you don’t have to worry about the ending…only the journey.

My story, Becoming Her World, follows a couple who had a wild night of sex, and some great follow up, but Connor lives out of town and is elusive about his personal life. When he’s gone, Samantha finds out she’s pregnant but miscarries before she tells him.

Samantha’s shaken by the upset the baby would have meant for her plans to become a Broadway singer, but she’s equally rattled by the realization that life might be about more than business success. How can she balance her love of success, a boyfriend, and a potential family?

She tells Connor they have to restart their relationship, slow things down, and find out if they’re compatible outside of the bedroom. And he has to come clean on what goes on when he’s not in town.

His increasing protectiveness and a couple of strange encounters test Samantha’s love. Has she given her heart to the wrong man?

Connor regrets the danger he put her in, and wonders if she’ll be able to understand his bigger picture.

Once you give your heart to someone, can you take it back?

Question 2:  Can you share a little bit about how you promote your books?

Notice my answer to the first question…8 stories, 99 cents, how can you go wrong?…a feeble attempt at promo. 😉

Promo, ugh. I have a degree in Genetics so I’m much better about analyzing DNA than analyzing markets! I’m also a humble introvert, so it pains me to promote myself, but like everything else in life, I had to learn to get out of my own way.

Otherwise, promo happens at a lot of levels starting with loading my book into Amazon. Picking categories and keywords is critical. I’m still taking classes, watching tutorials, and talking to other authors about what works for them and modifying their strategies to fit my stories.

My Personal Assistant does a lot of my promo and helps make sure my social media lets everyone know about my new releases. This kind of promo is mentally painful for me so paying someone else to do it frees my mind at many levels.

There are a lot of FB groups you can promo in for free, and there’s a lot of paid promo sites, but you have to try them out and sort through which ones work best for your particular niche.

I currently have one piece in an anthology and two more anthologies are coming early November (one’s Christmas-y!). That allows me to get in front of a ton of new readers without them having to gamble on me alone. Yet another kind of promo.

I do FB ads and dabble in Amazon ads. It’s all a balancing act. How much money do I spend and how much do I get back? Because I write short stories and novellas, I price my books at 99 cents and they’re largely read by KU readers. This means I don’t make squat per book and have to make sure I’m getting readthrough to turn a profit.

Constantly trying to learn more, I’ve adopted a new marketing plan and I’m going to release my bundles first so my followers can get the bundle for cheaper than buying all of the individual titles, but ironically is more profitable for me. And my KU followers can get the whole bundle at once instead of having to load 4 different books in their Ereader, so tidy!

So, my basic approach to promo is to analyze every idea that comes across my desk and make educated guesses about which ones I should invest in…and never stop learning because the market is always evolving.

Question 3: I know that, in addition to being a very prolific author (I count 20 books up on Amazon!) I understand you also play cello with your local symphony. Tell us about your favorite piece(s) to play, and what you love about them.

Yes (over 20 now), I’m a busy girl. Everything in my life ends up sparking a story, even trips to the grocery store (which is in my Christmas anthology story-another attempt at promo!) so I put the stories on the page as fast as possible.

You are correct, I play cello in multiple groups from classical to pops to rock and roll. Picking a favorite piece is hard because music is so emotional, just like I might be in the mood for a heart-melting story versus a panty-melting story when I sit down to read.

If I want to wallow in the depths of sadness, I’m likely to play Faure’s Elegy. I play this far too often, but it hits me hard and I love how much it moves me. If I’m feeling spunky, I might choose Allegro Appassionata by Saint-Saëns. And if I want something short and fast, I’ll probably burn through several Celtic pieces.

I guess music is a lot like books…just depends what I’m in the mood for!

Barbra Campbell headshot

Barbra Campbell writes fast and hot contemporary romance/erotic romance as an escape from the regular world. When she was raising her natural-born children, exchange students, dogs, cats, birds, horses, chickens, a rabbit, and a cow, she found time to nearly get her PhD in Genetics, help with her husband’s construction company, play cello in multiple symphonies, and volunteer for roughly seven hundred organizations.

Life happened. New paths were taken, and she’s finally escaped most of the rat race to dream up sexy fantasy worlds where the characters are guaranteed a Happily Ever After, or at least a Happy For Now! And since she’s busy, she appreciates stories that get right to the point!

Moonflower Collection is $0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Pre-order for November 5, 2019:

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5 thoughts on “Jeanne: Interview with Barbra Campbell

  1. Twenty books! I’m in awe of your productivity. Did you have a stack of manuscripts in the trunk when you started indie publishing, or do you just write super-fast? If the latter, do you have any tips that might help a slowcoach like me?

    I’d also love to know how you balance your time between writing and marketing (not to mention playing cello and volunteering and sleeping).

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, and best of luck with Leave Me Breathless: Moonflower Collection 🙂

  2. Sorry I’m so late to the party, but great interview! It fascinates me how many writers are also musically inclined — I saw something on Twitter about that recently, and when I think about it, it’s kind of true. In fact, I think Stephen King and Amy Tan and several others were in a band? Ah, yes, The Rock-Bottom Remainders.

    Best of luck with the book! It sounds like a great way to sample eight new-to-me authors!

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