Elizabeth: Stay Curious

It has been a long and busy week and it’s only Tuesday.  The week has included planes, cabs, and training sessions – which is great – but what it hasn’t included is quality time to work on the post I had planned for today.


Instead, since I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon that I need to prepare for, I’ll leave you with the above quote from Dorothy Parker that I came across the other day.

So, what have you been curious about lately?

Have you learned anything new recently?

11 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Stay Curious

  1. Every day I marvel at how little I know about teenage boys. Mine is 14 and a huge source of learning things just by raising/watching/observing him. 🙂 It’s almost like the toddler years: you finally figure out what works and they go ahead and change things on you. 🙂

    • Claudette – I hear you about the teenage boys, having raised/watched/observed one of my own. Seems like no matter what age kids are, it’s always a learning process (even when they’re fully grown).

  2. Along with a rapid refresher in our small island’s constitutional law (something I haven’t had to grapple with since my first/freshman year at university, back in the dark ages), I’ve been researching midwifery and childbirth in medieval to Tudor times. Amazing how much a writer needs to know in order to give a reader the barest glimpse of an experience. And yikes, some of the things I learned! Today’s world is far from perfect, but we have much to be thankful for :-O .

    • No kidding Jilly. Nothing like learning how things worked in the past to appreciate some of what we have today.

      As for your island’s constitutional law – I’ve been learning a bit about this myself. It’s a fascinating thing. I love watching the clips from Parliament in action.

      • Fingers crossed for the outcome of your job interview, Elizabeth!

        Regarding our current constitutional brouhaha–Parliament is currently prorogued (closed for business) until October and there’s a ground-breaking case about it in our highest court. The entire panel of our eleven most senior judges are hearing the arguments from a couple of our most renowned barristers, who are going at it no holds barred. Informed opinion seems to suggest that the decision could go either way. The whole thing is being live-streamed, and if you enjoy our Parliamentary theater you might be interested to take a peek. https://www.supremecourt.uk/live/court-01.html

        • Thanks for the crossed-fingers, Jilly. I have two more people to interview with in this process, so there won’t be an answer for a while. I’ll remain optimistic until there is reason not to.

          As for your brouhaha – prorogued is a wonderful word (if not an actual wonderful thing in reality). It seems our country is not the only one experiencing turmoil when long accepted norms are ignored/overset. I will definitely check out the live link. I’m certain I will learn something new there.

  3. Well, I’m curious about your job interview, Elizabeth. Are you looking for one, or looking to hire someone? Good luck either way!

    Otherwise, I joined the vertigo club, and to sate my curiosity about that, I went to an ENT guy. One exercise in the office, and poof! A month of misery seemed to be vanquished overnight. I hope it sticks, but if not, he says, do it again, and it will work again. So yay for simple solutions!

    • Kay – so glad the exercise got rid of the vertigo. I’ve had vertigo before and it’s awful. Yay for simple solutions indeed.

      As for the job interview, it’s for me and it (*fingers crossed*) seemed to go well. Time will tell.

  4. (-: Hope you have got some good news about the interview by now.

    I’m always digging into something, it seems like. I can keep track of my curious little interests with the screenshots I take. So, this weekend, it was 1) My great-grandfather’s family tree, 2) how much money I need to save per month for a comfortable retirement (answer: depressing amounts!) 3) Warren Buffett (just finished an authorized biography called Snowball — oddly a page turner, at least until 1984 or when the tech stocks started coming in). 4) Freelancing. 5) Monkey pizza bread. (Monkey bread is usually balls of bread dough rolled in butter/cinnamon/sugar, and then stacked in a bundt pan — this is the same thing, only pizza sauce and mozzarella. Why did I not make this last weekend? WHEN can I make this?) 6) Hermann Rorschach. The inventor of the infamous Rorschach test went slightly viral on Twitter, and hoo-boy, what a hottie. Think Brad Pitt . . . really. I have not had time to do a deep dive into Hermann Rorschach, but I think I’d like to find a biography . . . after I get some more of my TBR pile read down. https://twitter.com/41Strange/status/1175218452081958912

    Now I need a magic machine for turning curiosity into productivity! LOL.

      • Handsome man, short life. They think he died of appendicitis complications, poor guy. I couldn’t find any book-length biographies, but I suppose that is just as well. (He does look exactly like Bunny Blavatsky’s love interest/editor, so that helps me out.)

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