Jeanne: A new cover for my second book baby


Here is the new cover for Book 2–The Demon’s in the Details. If you’ve read the second book, you know the hero is “small, dark, and hairy, with horns and a tail.” Not exactly book cover material. So I chose, instead, to go with a model who looked more like how I picture Seth McCall, the physically attractive (but emotionally repulsive) human Bad possesses in an attempt to get close to Keeffe, an artist who owns a statue that Satan covets.

If you have the original version of the book, it may be worth downloading the updated version. In addition to the pretty new cover, it has an excerpt from the third book, The Demon Wore Stilettos, at the back. I’m pretty sure no human being other than myself has read that yet.

I considered having the graphic artist shadow Bad in behind Seth, but it felt like it would be confusing for potential buyers and I wanted to send a clear message. Also, with the wings in the background, I also thought it would be too cluttered.

I didn’t give the artist a lot of direction. I just supplied the stock photo of McCall. Her original version had a pale blue background, rather than yellow. It was pretty, but combined with the guy in the white button-down shirt, it said “sci-fi” to me, rather than “paranormal.”

Among it’s other sterling qualities, I think it looks good on Amazon when it shows up on the same page as the first cover.


What do you think?

P.S. Here’s the link to buy if you’re interested!


12 thoughts on “Jeanne: A new cover for my second book baby

  1. I second Christine’s comment. I really like this cover. I love that you’ve used consistent series branding and yet still managed to give a clear impression of the main character. The two covers feel very different, which is perfect as Belial and Bad are two very different demons. Congrats to you and to Paper & Sage!

    PS You’re setting the bar very high for yourself. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the series πŸ˜‰

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