Nancy: Catching Up

A reasonable likeness of me this past month.

Well, hello there! Happy September!

It’s been a while since we’ve chatted. I’ve been in social media hibernation mode this past month. Not total hibernation, though. I spent August wrestling a new (and very stubborn) story to the ground, gnashing my teeth over a revision gone off the rails, planning a long-weekend trip for research and Bourbon-drinking purposes, and dealing with  health upkeep (recovering from sports injuries and keeping all those pesky preventative care appointments). Today, I’m finally popping my head out of my writing cave to share a few things coming up in September.

Another New Cover Makes Its Debut

Yeah, this happened. Again. My previous Too Clever by Half cover underwent scrutiny from more marketing-savvy minds than mine, and the consensus was that it didn’t quite hit the mark for Victorian romance. Le sigh. But a new pink cover can do wonders for getting over the disappointment, and so I give you: Tessa in the garden.

If you’ve read Tessa and James’s love story, you know her fan plays a part in it, as do pink roses. And if you haven’t read it, this is the perfect time to remedy the situation! Now through Friday, Too Clever by Half is FREE on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. If you prefer print books, you’ll be happy to know you can get this story in print at all these retailers, and you can even get a special Labor Day price on the print version at this Barnes & Noble link now through Tuesday.

This is the perfect week to download or order your copy, enjoy the pretty new cover, and (I hope!) fall in love with this kickoff novella of the Harrow’s Finest Five series.

A New Story Cometh

Um, did I forget to share my Third Husband’s the Charm book cover and description here on the blog? Yikes. The release of the next installment of the Harrow’s Finest Five series is just around the corner, with preorders available now. When I make the official release-week announcement, I’ll provide links to my website to read the first few chapters. But for now, here’s the cover and story description I meant to share a month or so ago.

An irreverent gentleman, an abandoned wife, and a secret marriage. But is anything really what it seems?

Fun-loving Percy, the Captain Lord Granville, is everyone’s favorite cad. But his easy charm hides a dark secret. He’s plagued by nightmares and fears he’s losing his grip on reality. Then his wife arrives in London. The only problem is, he doesn’t remember marrying the woman.

Twice-widowed Finola Tenney Simmons has lost her hard-earned fortune. But she’s devised a scheme to reclaim it from her greedy stepson. All she needs is a pretend husband, with her old acquaintance Captain Granville playing the part. There’s just one complication. The captain inexplicably believes they’re actually married.

When Percy learns Finola isn’t his wife, he agrees to keep up the lie to secure her fortune, if she helps him settle his family affairs before he loses his mental faculties. But living as husband and wife leads them into temptation, and they devise a new plan. They’ll keep each other’s secrets, embark on a brief affair, and both get what they want before their fake marriage ends. It will work like a charm, as long as neither of them falls in love.

There are more things to discuss, like a new spinoff series idea, the death of a beloved planned series, and a super-secret project I’m hatching with another of the Ladies. But all of that is for another day. For now, tell me what’s new with you. Are you planning anything exciting this September? Taking any fall trips? Have any big announcements to share? Tell me everything before I crawl back into my cave.

5 thoughts on “Nancy: Catching Up

  1. Love the covers! Heading for Canada later this month for a Road Scholar tour of the Canadian Maritimes–Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (and a visit to Green Gables, it goes without saying).

    I’m also working away on a short story, the third book in my series and my very first sermon. (More about that in a blog post later this month.)

    • Ooh, Jeanne – color me envious about the Road Scholar tour. I’ll expect to see pictures.

      As for the sermon – can’t wait to hear more about that.

  2. A sermon, wow! Angels and demons in your future :-).

    I just googled Road Scholar tours, and this is exactly the kind of organization I’ve been looking for as I’ve been pondering the travel adventures I want to take over the next few years. I look forward to hearing more about your trip (and seeing pictures!).

  3. How exciting! Your series is just over half done, then, and only two of the Harrow boys are left!

    I am having a tough time “manifesting” things these days. I would like to write one spooky, romantic story per week, but here we are, September 5, and I haven’t done a single thing toward that goal — and September is a short month, so there’s no time to waste.

    Another idea was that I’d spend my September weekends in search of ice cream — start a blog for it, and see where it goes. You’d think ice cream would be motivation in and of itself . . . but I don’t know if it will be good enough. We’ll see. Hokkaido does need a comprehensive list of on-the-go ice cream shops in English.

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