Jeanne: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


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On Friday, after 46+ years working in the same building (two different employers, multiple different jobs and all three shifts) my husband retired.

I’m excited for him. When I quit my job two years ago, I discovered that I LOVE it. Although I’ve always been a fairly achievement-oriented person, it turns out I’m happy as a clam having my days to call my own. Hubs is much more mellow to start with, so I predict he will luxuriate in not having to get up at five a.m. to go into work.

On the other hand, it will mean some changes. Less income, of course, and new health insurance, courtesy of the U.S. government (in return for a reasonable monthly payment).

But the biggest change, from my perspective, will be having him here all day. I’m used to being home alone when I write. I’m also accustomed to the house being silent during the day. Holding an entire universe in my brain fills it to the max—there’s no room left over for inspirational art or aromatherapy or mood music or even white noise—so I keep it pretty quiet around here.

Hubby, on the other hand, likes to turn on the TV and check out the weather first thing in the morning and then leave the TV on as background noise for the entire day. Fortunately, my writing cave is in an addition at the back of the house that doesn’t readily transmit or receive sound from the rest of the house. (We have an agreement in our marriage contract that states that neither of us is permitted to initiate communication between the old and new parts of the house. If one of us attempts to do so, the other is entitled to yell, “Article Eleven” and the offender must travel to where the target is located and being the conversation again.)

I write a lot on the weekends, so he’s used to my being busy and he doesn’t interrupt me. What may be a greater challenge is that he’s a pretty joyful person and I love the sound of his laughter. When I hear him laugh in the other room, it’s a siren call to go see what’s so funny and maybe grab a quick smooch.

I’m thinking there are worse problems to have.

8 thoughts on “Jeanne: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Who knows? Could be inspirational! Temporary block? Go in the next room, grab a smooch and some inspiration!

    I started writing in the kitchen over the past two years, and my husband’s lunch has gotten later and later, so some Saturdays, I’m beating my head in over a blog deadline, and he decides he wants to talk about politics over lunch. I really need to clean out my new spare room (daughter has moved to college) and use that when I’m on a deadline. Then, finish up in a timely manner and go grab smooches, LOL.

    One of my favorite David Bowie quotes is this:
    “Bowie told PEOPLE in 2005, the couple had no problem keeping their romance alive. ‘Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation generally does the trick!’ he said.”

    So . . . romance can mean a relationship, or it can mean a book. Try a little heart massage for extra fun! LOL.

    • We’re at the end of our first week and we seem to be doing okay. I haven’t made much progress on writing, but that has more to do with the 14 tornadoes that blew threw our area the night of Memorial Day than with Bill’s retirement.

      I think we’re going to do fine!

  2. Many congratulations to your husband on a well-earned retirement! I hope he loves his new life.

    I expect it will take a while for you to settle into a new routine, but you’ll figure it out–and if his presence brings you joy, that must be good for your writing and for your general wellbeing.

    Nothing but good times ahead! 😀

  3. When my husband started working from home a few years ago, I built a wall and put in a door to make his bonus room at the top of the stairs a fully enclosed space, because when he was on the phone, which was often, he was LOUD. I could hear him even in the corner of the house I was using as my office. Here’s hoping for a more peaceful transition for you two!

    • We’re doing well so far, but as I commented to Michaeline, the tornadoes that blew through here last week have made it impossible to get a sense of what normal life will feel like.

      Worst case, there’s always soundproofing!

      • LOL I think this’ll show up in your email notifications, but here’s another idea for soundproofing: noise cancelling headphones! I got some from Costco this summer, and with a little good music, they really do cancel out a lot of chit-chat and outside noise.

        Of course, it’s been months since you wrote this post, so I’m sure you found solutions (-:.

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