Jeanne: Affirmation Is Sweet

NRCA finalistI recently received an email from the Oklahoma Romance Writers organization, letting me know that The Demon Always Wins is a finalist for Best First Book in their National Readers’ Choice Award contest.

I was thrilled. Although TDAW did well on the contest circuit back when it was just a manuscript, it hasn’t fared as well in more competitive contests against published books.

And then last night I got a call from the Greater Detroit RWA telling me that it’s also aBBABadge_WEB double finalist for their Booksellers Best Award, both for Paranormal Romance/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy and Best First Book.

So yippee!

The great thing about this contest is that the final round judges are booksellers and librarians, so it’s a chance to get it in front of people who buy and sell/lend/recommend books.

In a particularly nice touch, the woman who called said she’d read it and loved it. I suppose if you’re Nora Roberts that doesn’t thrill you anymore, but when you’re an unknown newbie, those words are like nectar (or, if you’re not a bee, a hot fudge milkshake).

Winners of both of both contests will be announced at the RWA National Conference in New York in July.

Cross your fingers for me!



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