Jeanne: Protecting Your Writing Space

On good writing days, my Wizard of Oz door-hanger faces Glinda side out, welcoming all and sundry to celebrate the joyous explosion of creativity within:


Good Witch

On bad days, it’s 100% Elphaba.

Bad Witch














Even the youngest of my grandchildren knows to stay away from that.

9 thoughts on “Jeanne: Protecting Your Writing Space

  1. Where’d you get that? I need it. Too bad the red and green aren’t opposite (as in “green light” to enter, “red light” to stay away). Still….I’m sure there’s something out there I could use for my boys!

  2. Love it, Jeanne!

    Wouldn’t work for me, as I don’t like working in a closed space. I migrate from the sofa to the dining table to the kitchen, depending on the time of day and what I’m working on. My husband loves his study, though, and prefers minimal disturbances when he’s wrestling with something thorny. If I could find a “good warlock”/”bad warlock” door hanger for him I’d be there in a heartbeat.

  3. It’s a great door hanger, Jeanne! But it feels odd to me to have the “bad” witch be green, which normally signals “go.” Maybe that’s “go away.” And the red “good” witch, rather than “stop where you are,” is “stop inside,” as the British would say (I think). Any way you color it, it’s a fun door hanger.

    I have a shake toy, a cube full of blue fluid with little shapes that float when you shake it. On a good day, the shapes are dolphins. On a bad day, they’re sharks. I’ve had this toy for years and always kept it at work. It never fails me.

  4. LOL, writer toys sound like a good week! I’m not sure if I have any, besides my smartphone. And my finger puppets. (-: I could reprise my finger puppets!

    I love this, but these days, I often write at the kitchen table, and it’s surprising how people who have not needed to talk to me all week suddenly need to discuss something. Before, I was spending more time at the library, where I was completely undisturbed. I should probably do that again. Or clean up my home office . . . .

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