Jeanne: Happy (Book) Birthday to Me!

demon's in the details ebook cover

The second book in my Touched by a Demon series comes out today!

It’ll be a cold day in Hell before artist Keeffe Blackmon gives up the statue created by her late mother, a world-famous inspirational sculptor. Keeffe’s not selling—not even to a man as rich as devil’s food cake and handsome as sin—the gorgeous but morally repulsive billionaire Seth McCall. That is, until Keeffe decodes a fiendish contract and discovers she has just one month to prove she’s earning a living with her art or lose her sculpture forever.

Demons will ice skate on the Lake of Fire before Satan puts Abaddon, aka Bad, the demon of sloth and Hell’s brainiest minion, back in charge of Hell’s technology hub. But when Satan’s stooge McCall fails to acquire the powerful statue, Bad seizes his chance. To win back his job, Bad offers to possess McCall and, with the unbeatable combination of McCall’s good looks and his own smarts, melt Keeffe into selling him the sculpture.

As Keeffe races to complete a mural in McCall’s McMansion and earn the cash she needs to keep her statue, the billionaire blows hot one minute and cold the next. It’s almost as if he’s two different men: one a jerk, the other sweet and nerdy—and hot as Hell.

Aboveworld for the first time, Bad finds out his heart is even bigger than his brain. He is entranced by Sedona’s stunning landscape and seduced by Keeffe’s passion for art, life and the man she thinks she sees in McCall.

Bad may be the smartest demon in Hell—but is he smart enough to win Keeffe’s trust and ice Satan’s devilish plan to destroy Sedona?

You can check it out on Amazon in either ebook or print format.

11 thoughts on “Jeanne: Happy (Book) Birthday to Me!

  1. Yay, Jeanne! Just bought it.

    I read an earlier draft and am looking forward to reading the final, edited, polished version. I love that while it’s clearly in the same paranormal world as The Demon Always Wins, the setting and characters are fresh and different. And it’s so gray and cold here right now, I really want to spend a little time under the blue skies and spectacular landscapes of Sedona, Arizona 🙂

  2. I’ll buy the paperback as soon as that option goes live on Amazon or another location! I’m thoroughly enjoying my earc read, and will try to finish the book Thurs. so I can get a review up Friday before my writing contest begins that night.

  3. I am so late . . . ! Congratulations! I just bought it, but I bought it from the wrong account, so it’s sitting in my broken computer. I have to figure out how to access my old books, anyway, but not today. My password is at home, and I’ve got a full day. Looking forward to reading it, and after all the hassle of the past few weeks, I feel like I deserve a good book!

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