Michaeline: Short and sweet


My friend texted me and asked if I’d heard of them? “Aren’t they like Cliff Notes?” You remember, the condensed versions of the Great Books we were made to read in high school? The ones with summaries and arguments, and were always considered just a bit like the cheater’s way out?

She told me to check out their Twitter feed.

And the first thing I saw was this:

It turns out the SparkNotes people are witty, concise and economical with 280 characters, just like a good summarizer should be.

Oh, boy, I’m excited by the possibilities! Not only are they hip and funny, but there are all sorts of applications for the modern writer.

1) They show us quick ways to drag centuries-old classics into the 21st century.

Hey, it worked for Bridget Jones! And our Lady Michille did some wonderful things with Antigone.

2. They reduce a book into its pure and primal essence.

Then, if you take that pure and primal essence and reverse-engineer it, the chances are good that you’ll have a whole new book.

3. They just remind you of good stories.

New things to read, old friends to re-read. (I’ve got to do my annual dive into Jane Austen’s work soon!)

Oh, yes. The internet is a rare and wonderful thing! Have you stumbled upon anything inspiring on the net this January?

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